Proving grounds... CC capable?

100 Draenei Monk
Not that I don't mind the additional challenge. But how do other healers fare in these grounds? Priest's fear effective here? Druid's cyclone? what about pally's turn evil?

How do you guys contend with the proving grounds? Gold is so difficult that it feels as if, i were to manage to finish the whole dam thing, it would all be mainly on luck rather than skill. I too have the same trouble on my shammy.

The end results in failure is so random. I don't think this proves anything in skill... Be it not enough Dps downing the mobs fast enough to the point where it overwhelms the entire group, to the dumb hunter standing in Pyro mob's Aoes for 10 seconds out of random just to get yelled at by the mage to move his !@#.

With your CCs or experience, how do you cope with the utter randomness?
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90 Goblin Priest
The proving grounds suck because of the hardcore nerf to your gear. End game healing forces us to reforge out of spirit and not gem for spirit, but then in the proving grounds you need as much spirit as you can get or you'll oom. I would suggest a spirit trinket and spirit flask/food. And use mana cooldowns liberally. Dispel the debuff as soon as it's up and keep the group at 100% as much as possible. Once you get a feel for the waves, you'll figure out the ones that require more healing, and ones that you can help dps. There were some that I had to spirit shell before the mobs came and then spam heals the entire wave. There is no break to drink, so this is why spirit's king in this. I also had to use leap of faith several times for the stupid ranged standing in !@#$.

I have no idea if fear works, I am sure some CC works. But I never tried fearing because any time an add got behind the tank, the tank would take damage like a real tank would if they're getting hit in the back.
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90 Worgen Hunter
01/17/2014 09:18 PMPosted by Faralos
With your CCs or experience, how do you cope with the utter randomness?

Stuns and interrupts work, not polys. And it is not random at all. Once you get the sequence down it is fairly easy to get endless. Took me like 4 hours of trying.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Stuns work. I already run a pretty high spirit build so that wasn't an issue for me, but the np a standing in fire wiped me so many times that I just quit. I'm spam healing the idiot hunter so much and then the tank gets 2 shot because he lied about being an iron wall.
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100 Draenei Monk
Well as a monk you also get to deal with rem not working properly. As in it won't jump at all or, will only jump back to you, which hurts your aoe healing quite a bit. Not that maintaining rem on cd is all that possible there.

I've read and tried spamming healing orbs. I still mess around but at that point I said to myself I'd rather work on loremaster or something else with my time. If you just want a challenge mode, I mess around in brawlers, I don't really see how proving grounds effectively teaches healing though. Either way, fritter around I know all healerscan/are/do get it with a bit of practice.

You can paralyze the little guys, ring of peace or charging ox does help, as do your interrupts, if you can find the time between healing the paper mache tank.
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90 Orc Shaman
Stuns work. Fear only works in a few mobs, as does Hex. Disarm is amazing with the big mogu adds.
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100 Draenei Monk
Mm, thanks for the advice. All in all. This does teach you to react faster. But, this "Proving grounds" does not make you a better healer. It seems to e the same as a pvper with that Arena master title. Weather its bought now adays or earned. It is not a special proof of ability to pvp. Just an empty label. This is not to say to offend those that have earned it, but it has just come to that point now.

As I feel "Proven Healer" Title from beating this instance seems like a joke now. Simply because, halfway through the hardest trial, it is no longer your own skills that keep the npcs up. It is now luck and persistence. And you need both to do so.

Again, do not deny this. Those of you fully know of the random obstacles placed in your way on top of incapable Npcs, not being programmed to use their class defense cooldowns.
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90 Tauren Druid
dont blame the npc's for your shortcomings lol
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90 Pandaren Monk
I got to endless wave 18 on my monk, and I barely play my monk at all. Don't blame the NPCs for your shortcomings.

You're right that much of it is about persistence. But much of it DOES depend on your skills in putting the healing in the right place. Luck plays a small part -- the only thing that's random is Endless Wave 4, where it's two debuffs at once and you can only dispel one. Lucky is if they both go on the same person. But worst case scenario, you can still heal through it. Figure out how to apply your spells to each situation, then do it for 30 minutes without making a mistake.
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