Holy Priest with high Latency

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Mostly directed at any Holy Priests out there raiding with very high latency.

One of our raid team’s regular healers is a Holy Priest who, due to his location, has insanely high latency. He gets happy if latency gets even near 1000ms. I know that he’s very capable; he occasionally raids from a different location, where his latency is a nice, normal 100ms or so, and on those nights, he’s the king of effective healing. But every other night is him doing his best behind a wall of incredibly delayed casting. He’s learned to adjust in terms of avoidable mechanics, but it’s a killer for his healing. Overhealing is consistently enormous.

Any helpful suggestions? Does disc play better with high latency?
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I used to play a healing priest through BC and early WoTLK using Satellite internet (would not recommend). I managed to down Illidan with my horrid connection, but that was back when spamming CoH was mindless. My latency was, on average, 1200ms. Unfortunately, its a massive crutch, and you can't expect him to compete with people who can react a whole second before him.

That being said, Disc would almost certainly be better for a 1k latency situation, due to the mechanics of preemptive absorbs vs reactionary heals.
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Thanks for the input. I'm not very familiar with priests myself (I have a priest that I've been doing LFR/Flex as Holy, but I'm ignorant enough with it that I only last week started using Lightwell).

I'll see how he feels about giving Disc a try.
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01/17/2014 09:57 AMPosted by Kerranggaroo
I'll see how he feels about giving Disc a try.

Just affirming what that other dude said. If his bad latency is consistently bad, his effective healing will be quite a bit better if he can watch timers and plan farther ahead of time. Atonement is also great because of how spammable it is.
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I recently ran into this problem myself. I just moved from an urban area where we had a choice of providers to a farm where there is no high speed available, thus I am using dish. I find myself looking to the sky during raid nights and crossing my fingers hoping for clear weather and a good connection.

On cloudy days I can no longer be counted on to do things like the tower at Galakras as it looks to me like I am out of the cone damage, but if my latency decides to mess with me, I can’t even get off a levitate reliably. As I get knocked off the tower I cast it, it shows me floating down the last bit, and as I am running back to the tower I keel over dead from the fall damage. So frustrating.

I have been playing with different builds in my 10 man group (don’t use my gear as any type of example, I logged off in the middle of regemming, and it is a mess) Right now it seems that a crit build in yellow chakra is giving me the best results. Focusing on refreshing renews and paying special attention to DBM timers to get my cascade off at the best time.

For my level 90 talent Cascade is working great because you precast it anyway to allow it to bounce around. Star and halo are quicker casts and I am not getting the same success out of them with my current latency. Not because they are not better choices on any given fight, just because of latency.

As my level 75 talent I don’t use twist of fate anymore. On fights with lots of adds I could get more out of it by throwing an instant cast at a mob as they get low in health, but with high latency quickly changing targets can be a PITA and I find myself wasting more than one GCD switching. I have not been reliable with Power Infusion with my high latency so I have been using DI. It is almost always up when I need it and it seems that very little of it goes to over heal, unless I am casting it just because it is about to expire. Again not because this is the de faco best skill at 75, but just because of latency.

On my level 60 talent I switched from Desperate Prayer to Angelic Bulwark. I liked having the control DP gave me, but now with the latency I find it has helped save me as I take some avoidable damage while my screen decides to pause for a 2 count then catch up really quick. ThAe automatic heal is really nice, between it and my light well I can usually live through an extra second in the avoidable fire that spawned under my feet as I am cursing at my computer.

By far the biggest help is coordination. For dispels, I go bottom to top, my co-healer goes top to bottom, as we can’t rely on me watching frames with my current latency. We have a set rotation for tranq and divine hymn, so even on fights where the damage is a bit more random my co-healer knows that this one is my Hymn, it might be coming in a bit slow, but it is coming.

Anyway, I am still trying to figure out the best way to deal with my new latency issues, but this is what I am currently doing to cope.

Hope this helps, good luck.
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Some rural areas still don't have access to cable or DSL for a variety of reasons. I can't get cable to my house, or DSL because I live so far from the bloody road. It would cost me upwards of $8000 to line the cable to my house. This post will be for all the poeple who don't have access to cable or DSL.

Now, you have 3 options if you don't have access to the above: satelite, dial-up, or Mobile data.

Satelite and Dial-up for a variety of reasons are both slow and limiting... although under certain circumstances playing on dial-up is possible with a decent latency.

The one real option most people have in rural areas is Mobile data.

What you will need:

A USB cable to connect your phone to your computer!

To play WoW of your mobile data plan, you will first need a tethering program. There are a multitude of programs out there.. but from personal experience I reccomend Easytether. Go to your phones app store and simply type it in. Download it, and follow the installation instructions.

A good data plan! I would suggest sprint or virgin mobile.. sprint has unlimited data, and Virgin mobile is a subsidary of sprint and uses the same network. Sprint is faster, although playing wow you won't really notice much of a difference.

COVERAGE!!!: Please go to http://www.cellreception.com/, and put in your zip code to look for the nearest tower. Chances are pretty good you're atleast covered by one of the big three (sprint/verizon/at & t). Even if you're not covered, still check to see if another smaller company falls within your domain.

A few things to consider before deciding to use this method:

World of Warcraft uses very little data... so little in fact that you would be lucky to use 50mb of data in 3-4 hours of gameplay. However... WoW patches can be very large.. If you are on a limited data plan.. I would suggest moving WoW to a portable hard drive and d/ling the patch at another source... say a library, or a friends house if they're so inclined.

Personal experience:

I have played WoW on 3g for a little over 2 years now, and my average latency hovers around 180. However, during prime time (weekends, after say 8,) it can spike up to 400 sometimes. But again vs satelite this is still the best option. I can raid on my connection, and PVP very well.

Tips and tricks:

There are a couple of methods for reducing your latency:

First and foremost I would suggest downloading: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13581-LeatrixLatencyFix.html

This program reduces latency on wireless networks by "increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server." This program can lower your latency by a significant margin. After installing it, I noticed an immediate decrease in my latency.

Next, by making sure all other programs on your computer that use internet resources are closed.

I would also reccomend a Cell phone signal booster, as increased signal can help with both data and latency.


Again, none of this is guarenteed, as I have only my personal and a single friends experience in using these methods. I would only reccomend this method to people who do not have access to DLS or Cable. Dial-up is simply limiting, and satelite is far to slow.

Now, this is not supported by blizzard... so don't expect them to troubleshoot it with you. Results will vary but with even 2 bars of 3g, you can play WoW reasonaly well.
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