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hank you for viewing my post.

First and foremost I will introduce my guild to the members of
Gorefiend. We are comprised of Gulid masters, Officers, raid leaders,
and experienced raiders, most of whom have been raiding since vanilla
wow. We have the GM and Officer from the best guild on <Boulderfist>
whos guild fell apart shortly before Ulduar while pending a merge. My
guild from <Kul Tiras> which was leading progression from MC to first
wing in Naxx pre-BC and all the way to SSC in BC. I quit playing when
shortly after the release of Ulduar. We also have an officer from
<Emerald Dream>. We are all friends in one way or another and decided
to create a guild that we can be proud to call our own again.

I don’t say this to try and brag but more to help applicants
understand that we know and understand the mechanics of the raiding
environment and not just “Wrath” content. As you may have heard the
raiding experience in Wrath has gotten way off track.

With the ease of Wrath people have become more reliant on gear score and
achievement links instead of raw talent.

Before you apply for the guild please understand that we have harsh
expectations of raiding performance and will expect nothing less than
100% effort while clearing new content and becoming known as the

The guild will be run with loot council, and raid schedule will be
formulated pending the best time to fit our members. Do not apply
with any of your current “3300 GS or Kingslayer or whatever”

The guild has its “perks” such as supplying unlimited repairs, mats,
and consumables as needed.

The guild website currently is dirtymods.com you can submit an
application there. We have a locally operated vent server, but will
be moving to a vent server with minimal lag.
We are looking for the following applicants, but as always, if you
prove yourself you will be considered for a full time raiding

(Class) Paladin, Hunter, Rogue
(Role) Healer, OT, Brutal DPS
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With the ease

that it has brought we have become more reliable on gear score and

achievement links instead of actual raw talent.

i think u mean reliant qt

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Yes, that one! =) thanks for the catch, my brother was talking to you the other night, are you interested in a spot? We currently have no members as a Pally main.

Feel free to mention it to other ex-Hat members that are looking for a chance to get back into lead progression spots.
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I do not know the situation with progression before them, all I know is that they didn't "suck" as you put it.

Just making the observation that there may still be members that are in between good raiding guilds and we need said members.
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bump once more before cata leveling
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Recruiting is once again open for a short time. 10 man raiding starts next week. ilvl 345+ is required. Contact me in game any time I am online for trial runs.

Still need

1 Tank
1 Heals (sham or druid)
1 Melee dps

This will put us over 10m. As players are tested full time raiding positions will be given.
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