Herald of Titans run (Alliance Side)

85 Human Mage

Seriously, lets do it.

First off, please actually read this small wall of text before replying with 'oo pick me i can haz dps'. I'm looking for competent players that are willing to put in the effort to get this achievement. This is a PITA achievement to find a group for and if I'm going to bother making a group for it I'm going to do it right so that we can actually be successful so it doesn't waste my time or anyone else that spends time and effort getting the gear for it.

The gear rules:
-All equipment must be 226 or lower...anyone serious about this needs to get to as close to a bis 226 set as possible...a full set of Naxx gear doesn't cut it. Weapons may be 232, which will be a requriement for the run for all physical dps and tanks and highly suggested for everyone else. Doesn't matter where any of it came from, so if you still have a 25 man t8 set you are a good portion of the way there. If memory serves me you can also get 226 belts and necks from Conqeust badges, plus there are a good amount of craftables. Don't forget the ICC 5 mans drop 232 weapons, which is probably the hardest item to get beyond trinkets as no one runs Ulduar 25 anymore.
-Trinkets may be of lower ilvl than 226, I expect this to be the one and only thing that should hold people up from a full set beyond what is otherwise very minimal effort in collecting one. They still need to be relevant to your class/spec.

-You must bring a flask and enough pots and BiS food, a fish feast will *not* suffice. For dps, pre-potting before pull will be required. Hunter pets must have pet food.
-Setup will be 2 tanks, 3 heals, 5 dps. Whenever someone tries to make a Herald run there is always an overflow of interest in dps. If you don't have a set yet and can be a very competent tank or healer on the character you are interested in bringing then you will likely be much more useful if you build a set other than a dps set.
-You must have vent and preferably a working mic and the ability to speak proper English. Tanks are required to have working mics.
-You must also be willing to spend multiple lockouts on this achievement, if necessary.
-Everyone must fund their own supplies, gear, repairs, etc.
-Feel free to provide any suggestions or make any corrections to the above requirements (provide a source please). I'm also aware they have changed the fight mechanis a little since my last kill pre 3.3, and you can no longer have a spriest with glyph soak BB with dispersion. I will continue to look up stuff myself, but again, please contribute anything you might feel is important.
-Unsure of a run day/time...will wait on that a little bit until some interest is sparked...but please be relatively flexible and I'm sure we can get it worked out.

If you are interested
-Post with Algalon experience in either version and obviously what role you can fullfil. Post on the toon you are interested in and or contact me in game. You need to have a sufficient knowledge of the encounter, regardless of your role, you need to know what everyone else is responsbile for and you need to know every ability....there really aren't that many...up and down. If you are ranged dps and you have no idea how to handle stars or you refuse to do it after you have defeated him 7 times then don't even bother responding. If you are a tank you need to be competent in closing black holes properly. It's also very important you are not standing on or near the marked collapsing star after the star handler has already yelled in vent 15 times that you need to move.
Whisper/Mail me in game to get in.


Current List: Char/Spec/Assignment
H1 Luxys/Hol Paladin
D1 Valamiel/SV Hunter
D2 Jihan/Fire-Arc Mage

We got a possible tank, and another 2 DPS, but they don't confirmed yet
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85 Tauren Hunter
This sounds like too much faith in alliance scum, but more power to you for trying!
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85 Blood Elf Priest
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Achievement must be done at level 80, any higher it cannot be done.
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