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80 Tauren Paladin
I intend to heal my way to 80 and continue afterwards. Being a noob to the art of healing any major advice about glyphs, stats, and when to use what spell would be most beneficial. I understand how the holy power comes into play and that Holy Light should be the most used spell. What type of conditions could warrant a flash of light, which is ridiculously expensive now?
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
FoL comes into use when your tank drops below half health especially if you don't have a Word of Glory ready.
Also it comes into use when you tank is taking constant major damage: for example if he pulled big and his health or gear isn't up to sustaining that much damage you'll probably find yourself spamming fol to keep him alive.

I also use it on party members when their taking signifigant damage. Because it so fast sometimes its the best move to use to get them back up on health so they dont die and so you can still keep your tank healed - that can be a make or break situation.

This thread might come into some use for you:

It explains each move, stats, what to use and so on everything you basically just asked for lol
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85 Human Paladin
Personally, I save Flash of Light for my "emergency" heal. That is, Holy Shock and Lay on Hands are on cooldown, I don't have any Holy Power, and I don't have an Infusion of Light proc to throw out a quick Divine Light. Assuming all those conditions are true, and someone has taken or is taking a massive amount of damage, I will use Flash of Light.

Faster heals:
* Holy Shock
* Lay on Hands
* Word of Glory
* Light of Dawn

Bigger Heals:
* Lay on Hands
* Divine Light
* Crusade-procced Holy Light

Cheaper Heals:
* Holy Light
* Holy Shock
* Lay on Hands
* Word of Glory
* Light of Dawn
* Bandages
* Judgment (Hey, I count as a member of the party/raid!)
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