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I am looking for a new place to call home for Cataclysm. Although I'm Horde at the moment, I am 99% likely to faction change back to Alliance as early as this Friday.

I work Monday through Friday, 9-6PM EST with an hour and a half commute so I cannot reliably be online until 7:30PM at the earliest and can stay until about midnight. Because of this my ideal raid times would start at either 8PM or even 8:30PM so I can at least come home and find something to eat prior to logging in for raid.

10 or 25 man doesn't matter; I've done both. I would prefer an established guild that has done some progress in WOTLK; I don't care about realm firsts or rushing through to achievements/hard modes, but I do want to progress through content at a reasonable pace (i.e. not wait until just before 4.1.0 to down any of the launch raids) and have a good chance of doing progression in HMs and getting the achievement drakes.

Personally I have ICC experience, clearing it on 10 and getting Arthas to around 35% regularly on 25-man but never quite getting that extra boost to send him to his grave (again). I've done a few ICC10 hard modes and attempted a few that weren't defeated. If it's not obvious from my armory, I am Prot/Ret with Prot being my primary role/spec and the role I would prefer to fill.

I do have a caveat, and it may or may not be a major one for some guilds: I have a girlfriend, and this girlfriend has transferred to the realm to play WoW with me; she is a Retribution Pally and I believe strictly DPS (I've been trying to convince her to try Holy but I don't think she will). She has played since midway through TBC, and is fairly competent, but has not done any raids really (I believe she once did Onyxia - the level 80 one, I mean) and would like to start raiding. Seeing as Cata is a fresh slate without any "gearscore" or "link achieve" stuff, I figure it's a good time to find us both a friendly and casual, but focused, raiding guild so we can see content and progress steadily and so she can learn the ropes with a competent group of people.

Is there a guild out there that meets my requirements? In short they are:

* Raid times are no earlier than 8PM, preferably 8:30PM and end no later than midnight (give or take a few minutes, obviously)

* Decently progressed - enough to show me that we'll have a decent chance of progressing through content and into HMs at a fair pace. To put it bluntly I don't mind wiping when it's progression, but I don't appreciate banging my head against the same thing and wiping for the same reasons every time.

* Decently-sized - enough to have members on for questing/dungeons/etc. I've been in a lot of guilds, even raiding guilds, where there's hardly anybody on unless it's raid times and it makes for a rather cold and unfriendly environment.

* Understands that my girlfriend is new to raiding and wants to learn the ropes, and will offer assistance if necessary (that doesn't mean "carry us 2 lewtz pl0x", but Cata is a clean slate as far as gearing up for raids go and as such the ideal time for someone to get into it). She doesn't have to be in the core group (I have at least one alt I'd be bringing over after a week or two for alt/secondary raids), but the friendly environment is what I'm looking for here.

If any guild (Alliance, preferably) meets my requirements either post a reply or make a Horde alt on Turalyon-US and send me a tell to talk more and tell me what you offer (remember, guild recruitment is a two-way street like a job interview. I'm going to interview you as much as you interview me!)
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100 Human Paladin
Hi Fawlty, I haven't posted a new recruitment thread as of yet but if you're interested I'm pretty sure we meet your requirements.

Check us out at www.SwordofAzeroth.net.

As there's no progression raiding until we hit 85, invites are casual with clean slates and everyone has an opportunity to earn a raid spot.

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