Which healer complements a Resto Druid?

My real life friends and I have formed a guild and plan on progressing in Cata 10 mans.

My brother, the druid, will likely be one of our healers. The other healer, me, am still slightly unsure of what to play.

I have all four healers at 80. Obviously my Druid won't be ideal to pair with his, but which of the other three healer classes would best complement his Druid?

Our group so far:

1. Death Knight (DPS)
2. Mage (DPS)
3. Warlock (DPS)
4. Paladin (Tank)
5. Paladin (DPS)
6. Mage (DPS)
7. Druid (Heal)
8. Me (Heal)

And we have a couple of spots left to cover, one of which might be an Elemental Shaman, but not sure yet.

Thanks for the help!
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80 Blood Elf Paladin

You are guaranteed every spell plate drop.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Unless your lock is destro, I don't see a stam buff in there so you could go priest for that. I would say probably disc. Life grip should be hella fun too =p. Probably want another dual specced healer so you can switch between 2&3 healers depending on the fight. Given the lack of a hunter I would say get an Enh sham so he can gear his DPS spec without competition. Of course if you get that elemental shaman, and he is willing to heal, he could do the same.
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55 Undead Death Knight
Don't bother bringing another pally as you have so many, try bringing a disc priest, it'll give you the buffs a priest gives and they should be able to keep tanks up fine. Ideally the disc would have a shadow offspec and one of the pallys would have a heals offspec.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
All things being equal, I would go with a paladin or a disc priest to compliment a resto druid. However, your current 10 man configuration is both cloth AND plate heavy. While you won't have any MS competition for pally gear, all of your maill gear will wind up being vendored or DEed. I would see how you like shamans.
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90 Troll Druid
Paladins and Resto Shaman seem to work best with us 2 healing. I've never had a decent Holy Priest to heal with in ICC10, but Disc Priests and Resto Druids are fairly interchangable.

Playing my Resto Shaman I love having a Resto Druid or Disc Priest. Choose one from category A and one from category B and you'll be fine...not sure where Holy Priests really fit in so I'm leaving them out.

A. Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin
B. Resto Druid or Disc Priest

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85 Night Elf Druid
I haven't played much since Cata - but I loved healing with a disc priest. Bubbles and HoTs work really great together; bubbles mean my HoTs aren't getting sniped. And unless it was a extremely healing intensive fight (then we brought in a pally), I kept LB/rejuv on the tank while he kept priestly things on the tank, and could hit his tank CDs when needed - and we didn't need a dedicated tank healer. Which meant the raid got a lot more attention and it was easier to heal.

I realize things have probably changed - but the concept of Bubbles + HoTs should still be there (I hope).
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93 Blood Elf Priest
I am terribly biased toward priests of all kinds, but I'd say pick what class you have the most fun with. If you enjoy the healing classes equally, priests are extremely versatile and I've always loved healing with a druid in the raid.

Choosing Holy or Discipline really comes down to your playstyle. I see most people enjoy having a Disc priest in the group, but my personal style doesn't click well with Disc. I've been Holy for 5 years and I heal extremely well with a Druid partner, so picking a spec is your personal choice. Which one would be more fun and entertaining for you?
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I think everything pretty much goes well with Druids. It's a balanced, flexible spec. (Overall, and balance is probably a matter of perspective.) I'd suggest Priest because of the dual healing specs and the flexibility that offers, and pick up a DPS Shaman (Enh with Resto OS seems to be the best idea) and a Rage OT. (Warrior/Druid)

Personally, I always loved healing with a capable Disc Priest. They gave me time to react, and that's one reason I went Disc with my Priest. (Like you, I have all 4 healers at 80 and healed raids with them. NOT DOING THAT IN CAT, OMG.) I'm dual-healy specs though so if the situation asked for it, I could go Holy. But at any rate, Disc reduces the panic mode of massive raid damage. Pain Suppression (and GS) balances out the total lack of cooldowns with Resto Druids. Inspiration helps, as well. (If you value that sort of thing.) All this said, if your brother isn't going to spread his heals around and instead needs to be focused on specific targets, you may struggle on damage heavy fights as Disc. But that's why you have Holy as OS, if you're interested in having it. Either way, good luck. :D
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85 Tauren Druid
well shaman cause of lust

priest cause of dual-spec

paladin because of pink name
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100 Troll Druid
Yes, Holy Paladin and Resto Druids ftw. My healing partner for 10s was a Pally and we had amazing synergy.

ETA: Disc priest would work very well too. I just don't have much experience in 10s with them only 25s so I can't help you there.
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5 Human Warlock
Yes, Holy Paladin and Resto Druids ftw. My healing partner for 10s was a Pally and we had amazing synergy.

ETA: Disc priest would work very well too. I just don't have much experience in 10s with them only 25s so I can't help you there.

Holy pally + resto druid rocked in LK but much less so in Cata because of the reduction in druid raid healing capability. All 10s comps should include a priest or shaman to maximize healing effectiveness.
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72 Troll Rogue
Almost every single fight in beta was a three-healer fight. Keep that in mind.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I'm also going with priest. I spent a lot of time two healing h icc 10 with a druid and we tore it up. I know in Cata things will be different but right now that's still where I'd put my money.

I'd recommend speccing holy/disc for the added flexibility.
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100 Human Paladin
[Would delete, is a double post that got partially added and lost. Very confusing]
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85 Blood Elf Priest
The OP is the player and he has one of each class =p

I heard reading is hard ;)
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85 Night Elf Druid
Play a shaman. You'll get all the mail drops, which means you'll quickly gear out both your dps spec and your healing spec. It's awesome not having contention for gear.

Next, you should realize that Blizzard designs raids around 1.5 tanks and 2.5 healers. This means that there will always be a couple of fights that require 2 tanks and 3 healers.

Because of this...

1. Your DK needs to become the second tank. You always want different tanking classes, because fights will always favor one class over the other class, so it's better to have choices.

2. Your ret pally needs to become the third healer. There's just no other option as your third healer here. Plus, it's good to have 3 different classes for healers.
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100 Human Paladin
Pick a player, not a class. A druid is versatile and can work well with any other class/spec.

Since its you, pick your favorite healer to work on. The "best" to complement the druid will depend on the playstyle both of you favor.
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Disc priests complimented resto druids pretty well in endgame WotLK. You have the -10% physical dmg done, and huge absorbptions. This may change in Cata, but our general strat was. . .

Shield anyone that was low in health, and the hots can keep ticking to heal them to full.

Obviously it's more complex than that, but the two mechanics work pretty well together.
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90 Human Priest
Disc priest. I find that shields are an excellent compliment to hots. An equally good choice would be the resto shaman, but only if the elem shaman doesn't join your raid. I'd pick up a shaman or an spriest for that dps spot regardless, for the 5% spell haste buff.
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