Wintergrasp (and ultimately, Tol Barad)

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If you have tried Wintergrasp recently, you will have seen that Blizzard implemented a new system which makes Wintergrasp much more fair and balanced. The new system got rid of Tenacity and simply made it so that the Alliance is limited to the same amount of players that the Horde have. So now, Azuremyst's Horde are no longer hindered by their low population and the battleground is 100% fair. Long story short, the Alliance is !!%%ed. I don't want to sound like somebody who blames others for his own failures, but I think we can all agree on the overall calibre of Alliance battleground PVP being limited by PVE players and 14 year olds who just got home from school.

This is going to be a problem in Cataclysm as well. Tol Barad will be the new Wintergrasp, and I believe it will use the same system. If the Alliance ever wants a shot at all the dailies and other wonderful things made available by winning Tol Barad, we need to figure out a way to make sure we outperform the Horde on a regular basis.

Anyone have any suggestions? We can't kick people anymore, there is no way to ensure a pre-made as far as I know. It is very difficult to control who goes into WG now.
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I think we can all agree on the overall calibre of Alliance battleground PVP being limited by PVE players and 14 year olds who just got home from school.

It's not like the Horde are much better, on this server anyway. Without tenacity, most of them are free kills since they have as many people running around in PvE gear as we do. It'll pretty much come down to who is queuing and gets lucky enough to be accepted into the battle. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is being potentially locked out of multiple battles in a row due to population.

I imagine that when it's new it won't matter as much though, since there will be a ton of people queuing from both sides, probably enough to hit the player limit for the battle. No one really cares about Wintergrasp right now since none of the rewards have been relevant for quite some time.
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Knowing you, chances are pretty high that you're trolling, but I'll bite.

The average player on this server is pretty terrible at pvp, regardless of faction. It's not like we're playing on Blackrock here. Horde are just able to get more good players in since they can get in whenever they want. If it's a 20v20 battle, that's a pretty big deal. If it's 120v120, I'd put my money on there being more good alliance players present. Alliance has way more good pvp players overall. A simple look at arena rankings shows that (AJ still has S8 rankings up if you really care to look).

I don't know what the team size cap is in Tol Barad, but I'm pretty sure both teams will have more than enough people queuing to fill it up. Tol Barad should be much more popular than Wintergrasp was since it has the daily quest hub in addition to the item vendors and raid boss. I know I'll be participating every chance I get... or at least until I get all of the achievements anyway.

There's really no reason for geared players to bother with WG now unless you're terribly bored. As an Alliance player, it's way easier to get into a battleground since queues are instant and you don't have to worry about sitting around waiting on the WG timer only to find out that it's full and you weren't invited.

Honestly though, there's almost no reason to do any sort of pvp right now. I'm pretty much done until Cataclysm is out. For a while there I'd buy gems and sell em on the AH every time I hit the honor cap, but the prices have gotten so low that it's hardly worth it now. I'm just sitting on my 4000 honor until next week.
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Well that's cool. I typed up a reply, sent it in, and the forum ate it. Too lazy to retype, but I will add that I'm not the one who reported your post ;p
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Heh, I don't think anyone thinks of you as one of those types, Rihard. :P You're too sensible.
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