Feral Druid Comps

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Feral Druid/Hunter Viability?

been taking a look at this comp and putting quite a bit of thought into it. i can see this comp pushing out insane amounts of pressure with skull bash + silencing shot + arcane torrent. Now throw in the insane amount of damage and survivability feral druids have now, and also the insane damage of the hunter with traps/maim/wyvern/cyclone/roots/drains on top of that. it looks to me as though this comp could be nearly unstoppable, especially when pitted against a double DPS team. Any thoughts/suggestions on the matter?

Feral Druid/Shadow Priest/ Hunter

I will be running this comp with my friends. It may not look or be viable but so far we have been making it work quite well. We scream/cyclone one, wyvern/trap thesecond, burst the third down, then its easy rolling from there. when it comes to prolonged games either the priest or i will start throwin in heals depending on who is getting focused, priest provides drains stacked on viper, and we try to stick it out. it is definitely geared more towards the faster paced games though. In my opinion with the addition of Skull Bash, and solely SB, this comp should improve greatly, only time will tell :)
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82 Orc Warlock
yeah double healer warrior has been known to cause problems, but suprisingly enough we did alright against holy pally teams throughout wrath, of course that could all change with Cata.
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82 Orc Warlock
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Almost any comp is viable with good enough players, even three dps. I ran enhance shaman shadowpriest mage to 2400 last season for christ sakes.
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^2400 isn't glad though, and 3 DPS isn't consistent enough to get a rank 1 title, or even glad. But it isn't impossible.

I guess it depends on what your definition of viable is. 95% of the wow population will never be above 2400 so what works and doesnt work above that level of play has little consequence on most of the population. I think viable in most peoples eyes means "can I play this comp with my firends and possibly get a t2 weapon"

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85 Tauren Druid
feral/healer (shaman probably the best)
feral/rogue(but i would only try this if feral is NE.)
Feral/Rogue/Rsham - My comp next season.
Feral/Hunter/Rsham (Vanguards cleave turned feral)
Feral/Hunter/Hpally(or disc)

-Feral/Spriest/Rsham - 2 Defensive dispels 2 cure curses, and 2-3 fear removals 2 totems and FW. Feral beserk, trink etc. Decent off heals.

In the past the best comp has been Warrior feral enhance Hpally Disc (or replace disc with caster class, basically melee cleave)

Hunter Feral 3 healer also works.

Next season I intend to run Feral Dk Rogue Rsham Hpally. We'll see how it goes.
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