The Plight of the Pally Healer

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Okay, i didn't realize this till now but pally healers are expected to pull rabbits outta their hats. lol We're supposed to be able to aoe heal thru line of sight obstacles, and when the group wipes and the pally healer is the only one left, they expect you to tank, heal and dps the boss down yourself :D and don't bubble to heal yourself because that means you're running around bubbled instead of tanking the boss! Yes, there IS a downside to being a pally healer. didn't think there would be, but there IS!
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lol well our new talent trees don't allow for such epic events. you're a healer period. or a tank period. although healers now have access to dps, it's not like you could compete with mages, locks or shadow priests. anyway, it seems that should the tank die, old timers are thinking the pally healer can finish the fight. lol same place too! UK. ingvar the plunderer.
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p.s. i may have to gem for defense lol
battle net needs to load the pvp gear and new gear models into their viewer, it seems. we're all a bunch of cut outs atm.
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they expect you to tank, heal and dps the boss down yourself :D

Well you're level 70...that is indeed possible and not all that difficult. Even when wearing lots of leather and cloth. Max the exorcism talent, pick up the glyph, heal with holy shock and word of glory and spam exorcism. When I get in a dungeon with a slow tank, I just go ahead and pull myself. Then, if/when the tank drops, I just tank it til the new one queues in.

I usually top dps while healing in dungeons. I've also topped dps and and healing in BGs, though that was before the holy shock nerf, now I might be lower on the healing, :(
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