Light of Dawn: Questions and Concerns :)

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@Orocowsaki: That wasn't at all true in the past. Other than being within range to Judge, Paladins got no benefit from being close up, and in fact, benefited from being farther away. The whole reason healers have 40 yard range spells and stand away from the fight, normally, is because healing works BETTER that way. You can chain cast spells and don't have to worry about being interrupted.

Now, however, I might semi-agree with you.

Holy Paladins can generate HP using CS...but on counter-point, they also allow us to cast free, instant Exorcisms or chain cast it at a low cost.

We can Judge and hit things (with our Seal of Insight) for mana...but we could do this in the past (though now, SoI combines Light and Wis for mana and health, making it more useful.)

And with HR working the way it does...

So overall, I'd say you're partially right. Bliz does seem to be moving in the direction of making Paladins "front line" healers.

But I don't think you're right to tell the OP that he's playing wrong.

While Bliz IS making a change IN THAT DIRECTION, the Paladin is still entirely competent at healing from 10-40 yards away. This indicate that Bliz is okay with us being mid-range to long-range healers (remember - Beacon and the "bounce" effect both have a 60 yard range. The longest range of ANY healer's ability in the game. You can, from 60 yards away, cast Beacon on a player/tank and then cast a heal on yourself to heal THEM.)

I think Bliz just wanted to give all those people clamoring for "melee healer!" tools to play that way more if they want. A healer is, however, almost always safer FARTHER away from the baddies. It gives more reaction time, more room to maneuver, more time to react, and gives tanks more time to get things off the healer (if the baddie is running 30 yards TO the healer, they aren't already sitting there beating ON the healer. Not to mention it makes it easier to see if someone's after the healer when a mob suddenly runs off. A mob just turning in place is easier to miss.)

But this doesn't make Paladins melee healers by requirement or intent. If Bliz DID want us to be melee healers...

...then we'd have all kinds of abilities that do heal when we hit enemies. Currently, there's the debuff from Judgement. That's it. And the HP generated by CS (or from the damage component of HS, though that has a 20 yard range) could be seen as a "melee healing" thing.

But no, wait for an energy based monk healing class (hint: there will probably never be one) for your melee healer. Or, possibly, some future variation of Resto Shaman. o.O
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There isn't really anything about a paladin that allows them to stand in melee any better than other healers. If there is some physical damage that is going to kill some other healer, then it will also kill a paladin.

It's also not as if you need to stand in melee to heal... just like all other healers, our abilities can all be used at range.

The only real reason you would ever want to stand in melee range would be to proc seal of insight off of the few autoattacks you are able to sneak in.
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@Orocowsaki: That wasn't at all true in the past. Other than being within range to Judge, Paladins got no benefit from being close up, and in fact, benefited from being farther away. The whole reason healers have 40 yard range spells and stand away from the fight, normally, is because healing works BETTER that way. You can chain cast spells and don't have to worry about being interrupted.

I don't know about you, but Seal of Wisdom procs were pretty sexy back in Wrath.

Right now, my LoD heals for about 6000 per target with 3HP. WoG heals for about 10k. That means LoD is better than WoG when you can hit 2 or more people. It counts yourself as a potential target when you cast it. It also (contrary to what people on Wowhead say) does not diminsh with more targets. It has a 30yd range, as well.

I did a bit of quick testing to check out both its range and how wide the cone is. The spell effect is much shorter than the spell's actual range, which seems to throw off people. To illustrate this, look at this screen I took:

The view is straight up, the target is straight ahead of me on the An'zu mount (you can see the tail). Left SCT is incoming, right SCT is outgoing. You can see that it is hitting the druid in front of me and myself.

Here's where I would be concerned, though:

Notice that LoD isn't hitting the target on the trike, even though I'm a) closer, so I should be within the 30yd range, and b) the cone looks like it would be hitting him if you extended the rays. From my limited playing around with it, the cone is much narrower than it seems.
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Were you healing people in your party? LoD is acting very buggy with people out of my party (it's not supposed to heal outside your party anyway). It will let me heal them 5-10 times with LoD, and then suddenly it won't hit them at all.
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Ok I messed around some more with LoD with someone in my party after reading Raycell's post.

At first I was thinking that perhaps at the end of the animation that instead of the cone extending it just turned into a cylinder so that the edges of the cone animation were as wide as it got. However, after some testing, it looks like LoD might have more of a diamond shape to it or at least a rounded cone shape (kind of like the shape of a baseball field).

So my first LoD, if the rays extended at the same angle as the animation it should have hit my party member, but didn't. I also turned directly at him to make sure I was in range and it did indeed hit him, I just didn't upload that SS.

My second LoD, I made sure to hit him with just the very edge of the cone animation to make sure that at the very least you healed what the animation hit and that the real heal wasn't more narrow than the animation. It did hit him, so everything in the animation actually gets healed.

My third LoD, I moved back 3 yards or so from my 2nd LoD, so that the target was just barely outside of the range of the animation, but most certainly within the bounds of the cone, even if it turned cylindrical after the animation.

Then my last LoD I stood in the same place and faced him to show I was in range.

Overall LoD acts very weirdly if people are not actually in the animation for it. It seems like you almost have to be facing directly at someone not within the animation :(.
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I'm loving the instant heals we've received and I love how they are situational.

To the OP: Never say never. Players move around on boss fights, yes. So when they are together, you can use LoD, and when they are spread out, you can use WoG. WoG is also great for healing when your moving. Forever, paladins have had to stand still and cast. Now we get to move and heal, then stand and cast, then move and heal.Yaayy!

Also, if you're getting upset at the party/raid for not staying grouped so that your AOEs can hit them all, now you know how Shaman feels who's trying to chain heal everyone. :)
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I find it hilarious to think that people would actually blame someones death on LoD missing. With dps having 100k HP and up a simple LoD won't be the deciding factor whether they live or not in most cases. If it is the healers need to pick it up.
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