Insane - Bloodsail & Goblin Rep At Same Time?

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I've seen this question answered differently everywhere I look. I've seen people say they have GM responses saying you don't need to maintain Bloodsail at honored, only that you need to reach it at some point. I've seen people say you need to have steamwheedle exalted and bloodsail honored at the time of receiving the achievement.

I'm asking because I had Bloodsail at honored (even completed Bloodsail Admiral) and Goblins all at exalted, then I turned in a few STV quests and it dropped my bloodsail rep below honored. When I turn in all of my darkmoon faire decks this weekend, I was wondering if I should expect to get Insane or not.

If not, it's going to be a real pain in the ass since I have to now kill lvl 85 booty bay guards to get 1500 bloodsail rep back up, then re-grind the lost goblin rep.

In short, yeah, I screwed up by thinking I could do any STV quests.... but damnit, I want answers! :)
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In short, yeah, I screwed up by thinking I could do any STV quests.... but damnit, I want answers! :)

Yes, you screwed up. Its gonna suck, sorry. :(

Also, have fun, the guards are now level 85. Crushing blows inc.
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It seems this was a change made since Insane was put in. Originally, it seemed that you needed both at the same time, but then a change came later that allowed you to have them separately. You shouldn't have any issue, so long as you were previously honoured with Bloodsail.
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