Best Healer to roll for Cataclysm?

64 Gnome Death Knight
looking at rolling another healer for cataclysm, i havent played in about a year what priest classes bring the bread to the table these days
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85 Blood Elf Priest
All of them are good and have their own nuances. Shaman and Pally are more based around a smaller group of heals which are quite powerful for single targets and AoE and work together to make things interesting, Priests have a huge toolbox with a lot of variability and are useful in many situations, and Druids are based around a small group of spells and are more of a mix of the Priest vs. Pally/Shaman formula, being an all around healer. Note that these are my opinions on what I've seen so far. Take your pick.
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1 Human Warrior
Let me break down how I see it (note: my opinion) cause I play all healers

Simplicity: Shaman > disc priest > pally/druid > holy priest
Versatility (ability to heal tanks and raid): Pally > druid > holy priest > shaman > disc priest
Amount of spells required: Holy priest > pally > druid > disc priest > shaman

Holy priest: I personally don't like, raid heals
Disc priest: Single target only, weak to no raid heals, too simple its boring
Resto druid: Strong single target, slight raid healing, too simple its boring
Holy pally: Strong single target and raid healing, complex + resource management, too much effort for not enough reward
Shaman: THE raid healer of cataclysm, too simple its boring

So looking over all that I would go for a resto druid or disc priest. As you can see I am not completely satisfied with any of my healers but I would probably prefer a disc priest as they are easy to pick up and go and are quite powerful tank healers even if they lack the all rounder status of a pally.

I am planning to play my disc in cata first.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
I really enjoy my priest. Priest is a good choice, because you essentially have 3 healing specs to choose from.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
I would disregard all information given by a clueless level 1 warrior.
WotLK is over and so is shaman only ever useing Chainheal and still topping the meters ^.~

Healing @85 is still being debated, but it looks like mana will be a major issue.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I would disregard all information given by a clueless level 1 warrior.
WotLK is over and so is shaman only ever useing Chainheal and still topping the meters ^.~

Healing @85 is still being debated, but it looks like mana will be a major issue.

pretty much this. I was looking over that list and laughing my ass off...
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98 Blood Elf Paladin
Healing as a profession has been nerfed for Cataclysm, but I think it is a legitimate observation that Druid's are currently taking their turn with the short end of the stick this time.

My honest recommendation is to roll one of each class, and level them all to 80. I discovered that I enjoyed the mechanics of Paladin healing over Druid healing a bit more, which is additionally more nice considering the state of Druids at the moment. I'm currently working on leveling a shaman and priest though since it is such an easy task to do now.
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85 Worgen Priest
Right now there are a couple of things to consider, besides the usual stuff.

First come masteries, which can be a game breaker if used well.
Hpriests apply a hot after each heal, based on the amount healed, this is the strongest mastery in my opinion.
Shammys heal for an extra % for each missing % on the target's hp bar, really useful for saving the day, and second best in my list.
Pallies apply a shield after each heal, in theory works as the Hpriest, but doesn't fill up the bar, and gets instantly overwritten by the next one, even if it's smaller.
Disc improves the amount absorbed by the shields, it takes a lot of mastery, but I'm guessing it will get a lot better in nice gear.
Druid increases the power of your hots on targets already affected by one of your hots.

That's my mastery priority list, as for best healer out there, I'd say pally for their mp+holy power+healing coefficients and holy priest if you know how to manage your mp
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85 Undead Priest
don't roll a holy priest its its probably too complicated for you if you have to ask a question like "best healer"
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