Holy Pally: Light of Dawn quirks

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Copy-pastaed my response to a similar topic from the Pally forums.

The heal amount is fine. With 3HP, it heals for around 6k per target, whereas WoG heals for about 10k. This means that LoD is better healing per cast when you can heal 2 or more targets, including yourself as a potential target. I wouldn't use it if only me and one other needed healing, as I can hit the target with WoG for more and heal myself via PotI.

Which leads me to this (assume LoD is glyphed, because it should always be in PvE):
If there are 7 players, including you, injured for 5k even, and all of them can be hit with LoD, is it smart enough to NOT heal you if you have PotI?

Also, I did a bit of quick testing to check out both its range and how wide the cone is. The spell effect is much shorter than the spell's actual range, which seems to throw off people. To illustrate this, look at this screen I took:

The view is straight up, the target is straight ahead of me on the An'zu mount (you can see the tail). Left SCT is incoming, right SCT is outgoing. You can see that it is hitting the druid in front of me and myself.

Here's where I would be concerned, though:

Notice that LoD isn't hitting the target on the trike, even though I'm a) closer, so I should be within the 30yd range, and b) the cone looks like it would be hitting him if you extended the rays. From my limited playing around with it, the cone is much narrower than it seems. To illustrate, I tried hitting the player from the first screenshot while even slightly turned to the left and I couldn't hit him from near max range. Only when he was straight ahead is when I could hit him.

Admittedly, I don't have a range finder and this was quick and dirty. I'll try to grab a volunteer from the guild and do some more testing later.

What I get out of this, though: Not too big of a concern when you decide to splash melee with it, but trying to hit ranged that aren't basically in a line is basically asking your LoD to not land.
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Ok I messed around some more with LoD with someone in my party after reading Raycell's post.

At first I was thinking that perhaps at the end of the animation that instead of the cone extending it just turned into a cylinder so that the edges of the cone animation were as wide as it got. However, after some testing, it looks like LoD might have more of a diamond shape to it or at least a rounded cone shape (kind of like the shape of a baseball field).

So my first LoD, if the rays extended at the same angle as the animation it should have hit my party member, but didn't. I also turned directly at him to make sure I was in range and it did indeed hit him, I just didn't upload that SS.

My second LoD, I made sure to hit him with just the very edge of the cone animation to make sure that at the very least you healed what the animation hit and that the real heal wasn't more narrow than the animation. It did hit him, so everything in the animation actually gets healed.

My third LoD, I moved back 3 yards or so from my 2nd LoD, so that the target was just barely outside of the range of the animation, but most certainly within the bounds of the cone, even if it turned cylindrical after the animation.

Then my last LoD I stood in the same place and faced him to show I was in range.

Overall LoD acts very weirdly if people are not actually in the animation for it. It seems like you almost have to be facing directly at someone not within the animation :(.
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This is why I despise anything cone shaped. Cylinders win every time. Even in ice cream.

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Yeah using LoD is very weird, its like you have fight against unseen mechanics to make LoD work. You always have to guess of what the exact range and positioning is. I remeber quite a few times i would try to hit the melee and miss all of them because i was probably just 31 or 32 yards instead of 30.

Hey, could you test how big the cone is from left to right? When i try it sometimes it seems to hit people away from the graphic and other times it doesnt. So i am not really sure how big the cone is from left to right.
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Or it could be made aimable. Like Mass Dispel from a priest. Only instead of getting a big blue circle on the ground, there would instead be a yellow cone eminating from the paladin that could be positioned before the spell was actually fired. Would be really cool if we were raiding on a snow covered surface too. Oh wait. but then I would just aim it at ally in AV. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.
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That's what I want hmrhead. Hopefully the author of HudMap addon will put this in.
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