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100 Draenei Priest
I need to put out that one of your toons ninja'd a ring in H ZA today. I was grouped with two of your players Yant and Love. Love is cool and does your guild justice, however Yant was very disrespectful and left immediately after the incident. He asked to trade a Chaos Orb for a 353 ring and I did before realizing the orb was soulbound. There was no offer to return it the ring to me, he just laughed and left group.

I know this may not be the appropriate place for this but thought you should know that one toon is hurting your guild rep.

Thank you for your time
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100 Draenei Priest
Multiples sides...yes, but only one truth. "Common" knowledge is no excuse for rude behavior or taking advantage off one without the soulbound knowledge. As stated by the GM "We are NOT loot or mob ninjas, corpse-campers, BG-AFKers, or anything else that would represent the guild in a negative light. We ARE a well-rounded guild who strives to be an example of maturity and goodness on Korialstrasz, and expect out members to behave accordingly.

I will post no further replies as the past is where it is, but in the future Zergling aka Yant, it would look better if you had replied as said toon in the future and not from another account toon which is visible.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
DMC is looking for heals (preferably a priest/pally) and dps(rogue/warlock) to round out our raid groups.
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