<The Pink Tabard Guild> is a new Alliance guild on Laughing Skull (CST) that is focused on 10man content and their hard modes in Cataclysm. We are looking for players who want to raid in a close-knit atmosphere who are knowledgeable of their class and have exceptional raid awareness.

We are looking for the core classes of:

Prot Warrior, that can maintain a dps offspec


Healing Priest, ready to switch between holy and disc depending on the fight

Resto Druid, that is knowledgeable in Feral dps.

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday.

6:30-9:30 CST


We run a loot council, as a newly formed guild you can come with peace of mind of no favoritism in the guild. We take into account of the attendance, how it will benefit the raid and raid performance.

What we expect:

We expect our members to be online 10minutes before raid time fully repaired with flasks and potions. Members should be to not go afk during raid times unexpectedly and repeatedly, there is a 10min afk half way through the raid. Members should be correctly gemmed and fully enchanted. Research of new encounters is a must, we do not want to explain a new fight every hour.

Most important is the fact that wiping happens. We do not tolerate nerd raging nor do we tolerate people who start QQ'in after 3 wipes - but this is a great way to get kicked from The Pink Tabard Guild.

-I am also not against the idea of merging with another smaller group that shows they know how to stand out of fire and have the same mind set as us.

For interested players, contact me in-game or here.

Sincerely, Ðéäth, guild leader of <The Pink Tabard Guild>.

Edited by Ðéäth on 12/4/2010 8:38 AM PST