Smite Hotfix.

85 Draenei Priest
I like to think it was our input in that last thread which you started that helped spawn this hotfix. Believing that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :)

^5 Franz

You keep your warmness and your fuzz to yourself. We all know Blizzard ignores us while raking in its phat chekz ;)
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85 Goblin Priest
12/03/2010 6:20 PMPosted by Cýn
been trying this out today. while smite (with 5 stacks of atonement) does come closer to heal, its lackluster still. requires ramp up then juggling a timer, which a healer shouldnt have to do in my opinion. smite is still shorter ranged than any other heal, or dps spell. you cant pick the target it heals, the heal has a very small range. it also still requires 5 stacks. doubt ill be using it at 85.

Fully agree.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Would be nice if it got a shorter cast time but otherwise interruptible in PvP and spell lockable. For PvE could be viable but it's so random it might not heal the tanks or who we want UNLESS we got a Priest Angel Beacon modeled after a Holy Paladin's Beacon of Light and this chooses who the Smite heal goes to.

At least they are fixing priest problems one at a time like the new Grace with 3 stacks to increase PvP dispel protection and HPS at a higher level. 3 stacks of Grace seems really high though, I outheal Holy Priests because there's little for them to heal and it doesn't feel right.
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89 Human Death Knight
How is this not worth it? Isn’t the whole point of disc-smiting to give you something to do when minimal healing is needed, and in turn providing you with a boost to healing when incoming damage goes up? People seem to be complaining because they think its supposed to replace all their other heals and let them PvP as a DPS-Healer.
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