Prot paladins do too much DPS at lower levels

90 Human Paladin
12/04/2010 2:16 AMPosted by Belryn
lol why are you running a dps meter before 80? (Soon to be 85)
Nothing matters till then, just have fun.....

This and also, speaking as someone who's been leveling a fire mage...

On trash - tank has the highest dps

On bosses - no way jose, highest dps is my lil mageling. =) <3 Hot Streak
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99 Draenei Paladin
It's leveling content. Most tanks are going to be twinked to heck. Even if that weren't the case, who cares? Faster dungeons for you!
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63 Blood Elf Paladin
I disagree with this "Only at low level' stoofz.

Now, I only recently got back into WoW. (Started in Vanilla, quit because of school and then my friend recruited me earlier this month. Triple experience is win :D)

Now I said that because I don't claim I know what I'm talking about.

Now I never really took the time to properly equip myself in the right gear because I would out level it far too quick due to triple XP. And at around 60 I dual specced in Prot from Ret. Mind you, my DPS gear was pretty outdated and I never even bothered to swap out ANY equipment when I go Prot save for Sword and board, and in PvP my Avenger's Shield will take a Rogue down 3/4 health on crit and a warrior's health down half... That doesn't sound too balanced out to me.
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