East Coast gets the shaft


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I look at it positively: I also am in the EST so with going to a midnight release of Cata and then having to install it, the 3 am time for us makes sense. I'd hate to think I'm waiting in line while everyone else is ahead of me lvl'ng and such.

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I think this is what is happening.

For the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, the way Blizzard controlled the content was with if you had the expansion installed or not. They put the new content that needed to be on the servers in well before the launch date. If you tried to enter a new zone or access new content, the server would check to see if you had the expansion installed. If you did not, it would kick you out of the content.

Now it would seem, they are doing something different. They are not not checking if you have the expansion, they are just kicking you out of the zone. Alot of people are pre-downloading the expansion and have it installed now. It does not matter if you have it now or later. For right now it just kicks you out of the content. The official release date is December 7th 2010 Pacific Time Zone. At that time, they are removing the blocks for the new content and are then checking if you have the expansion installed.
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If anything, West coast has gotten the shaft every other year. And the digital release people in Starcraft couldn't even play until 10AM Tuesday, so it could be far, far worse.
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So, I've never made a QQ thread in my life, but I plan to start now.

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west coast is the best coast your fault entirely for living on the inferior side

Your sillouette makes me think you are a goat.
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I think they should cater to their Customer service location thats in texas

^This, then as Texans we'd get to decide what's what. But srsly, what's up with these threads? Why even pretend you don't realize that servers go live simultaneously? If you're smart enough to create a thread you should be able to figure out how timezones work.
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Easy answer to the OP:
In TBC it was local
In WOTLK and Cata it was worldwide simultaneously.
They made it a worldwide release time instead of a local release time because they introduced Realm/World First achievements in WOTLK. If they released it locally, the people on the east coast would have an advantage in acquiring these achievements.

Question answered. See you at 3am (for you)!
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It sucks for anyone on the east coast trying for realm firsts.

Why? It will be the same time everywhere and if someone really wants realm first they will be playing regardless.
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Just do what I did, move to the West Coast.

I don't think it would be fair that you would get to see the game 3 hours before I do just because you live in a different time zone. That would give you 3 extra hours to obtain all those first achievements, too. (Not that I care about those, but some people actually do.

It's bad enough you guys get to see the results of American Idol 3 hours before I do!!!!! (ROFL)
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Having rolling midnight releases across the globe meant that there was a LOT more opportunity for gatherings of people who share an interest / passion. I really enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of people who play WoW and were just as eager to get Wrath as I was.

This time, it's just me hitting a store for a code. But at least the people on the West coast get to feel superior.
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So, I've never made a QQ thread in my life, and I don't plan to start now. Suffice it to say that I'm looking for an explanation more so than consolation..

Why is it that Blizzard has chosen not to "flip the switch" on Cataclysm until midnight Pacific time? While I can't recall 100% whether this was the case for WotLK (fairly sure that it wasn't,) it certainly was not the case when BC was released. I attended the midnight sale along with a few friends, and we were home and up and running by around 1:30 AM or so. This year, considering the fact that I have to be at work at 8 AM the next morning, I will most likely not experience Cataclysm content prior to returning home from work on Wednesday evening, since I won't be able to play until 3 AM. For this reason, I went ahead and just purchased the digital version and I can't imagine that there will be nearly as many people attending midnight events on the east coast as have in the past, considering they won't be able to play for a full 3 hours after they receive their copies of the game.

Anyway, rant aside, I am just wondering what the reasoning was behind this decision. I suppose if I can understand the reasons behind it I might not find it so annoying... might... ;)

You are looking at this wrong..

This benifits East Coast more than west coast players..

We here on the east Coast can go out and buy it at the midnight release then have 3 HOURS to download the new patches..

Then WE (east coast) can start playing right away at CATA Launch..

Those poor bastards on the west coast have to wait till Midnight to buy it, then waste another hour or 2 patching..
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BTW I live in Florida...

Im sorry.
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I look at it positively: I also am in the EST so with going to a midnight release of Cata and then having to install it, the 3 am time for us makes sense. I'd hate to think I'm waiting in line while everyone else is ahead of me lvl'ng and such.


I didn't do the digital thing, because I like to have a physical copy of my games. This will give me time to go home, install, maybe nap and then play.
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Calm down.
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We here on the east Coast can go out and buy it at the midnight release then have 3 HOURS to download the new patches..
All of the cata content is already on your system, including new quests, zones, professions, etc. and all of the cata zones on your server are fully populated with mobs, quests, flight points, herbs, minerals, etc.

Use eagle eye or far sight to see for yourself.

If there is any patch it won't be more than a few mb to a hundred mb or so.
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It's not a what's good for the goose is good for the gander situation, BUT, for both previous expansions (and original game launch I believe) the servers went up at 12:01 AM EST. Meaning us West coasters were waiting in line knowing there were people on the East coast that had a three hour head start.

It's not a revenge kick, but it's a fact that East coast has had the 'favored' launch times every time except this one.

As far as 'why' it's due to the digital preorder and the way the kick-on needs to happen on a regional level.
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Pretty sure the game is still going to be there when you get a chance to sign on dude.

This really misses the point. Blizzard has supported, encouraged and even staffed some of these "launch events". So Blizzard has cultivated this part of their customer base.

I personally have no part in launch events so I'm not advocating on behalf of myself. Rather, I'm doing what Blizzard didn't do: thinking of their customers.

There has been no good reason presented as to why only the West Coast or the Jobless get to participate in these events. An easy compromise would have been 9pm PST / 12am EST, if it is so important to have them occur simultaneously.
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I agree with the OP's QQ. Please start it at 12am EST.... that way I can play it at 9pm PST :)

/yes I am on the west coast
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QQ moar, maybe next release they'll use Greenwich Mean Time.
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