King DPS is Dead; Long live King Tactics!

85 Night Elf Druid
I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a self-satisfied NE Rogue dance while declaring "DPS is king". I can't tell you how many times I've seen damage dealers in a party ignore every other trick in their arsenal to get their DPS to the top of the recount meter.

And I've really missed the days when you could find people who would plan an attack, discuss strategies, work out raid icons for sapping and sheeping and order of kills.

Ladies and gentlemen, please note the kick and gouge buttons on your bar for use when the enemy is about to cast something unpleasant or heal themselves, and keep your hands and feet inside the railing at all times.

As a moonkin, buffed and under eclipse, I can bring down mobs for icecrown dailies in one or two hits each. With virtually ANY decent support, I can pop my starfall and my treants and a barkskin, run through a batch, turn and blow them back with a typhoon and then hurricane them to death in packs. Tactics.

Big deal; the mobs in heroics are a tad tougher. If you think just dealing pure DPS is all it takes, you might want to make sure you find a group that agrees, or stick to PUGS who expect you to be a moron anyway.

I drool for the day when I can get a group with a tank that is willing to discuss an attack before charging in. Yeah, maybe with decent heals he *could* almost solo it. If so, give everyone fair warning that they are superfluous...but I'd rather have a challenge.

Everyone whines about being nerfed. Lately, I don't think I've seen a single class that hasn't had a nerf gripe. People, just figure it out and play. Maybe you did get nerfed. Then again, maybe they just changed the game mechanic for the class. Either figure it out, or reroll.

I tried tanking; I respec'd and ran a few dungeons. I sucked. I could learn it; I've seen bear tanks, and they can be awesome. I've never moaned "oh, crap, the tank is a bear..." I did learn some, though, and I'm a better healer and a better DPS for it. I didn't whine that it was too hard. I just respec'd and went back to things I have gear for.

There are 23 pages on this forum as I write this. I found almost nothing of value, because SO MUCH of the forum was devoted to QQ threads. Here I am writing another, whining about the whiners, lol

Please, let's start discussing tactics. Try discussing what you CAN do better, rather than what you CAN'T because someone nerfed the polarity reversal on your damned batarangs. WE DON'T CARE. I don't anyway. If you want to experiment and figure it out, call me, I'll be glad to play with you while you work out a new rotation, or try for some new gear. If you want to cry on my shoulder about why you can't, please, *don't* call me. Ever.
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85 Gnome Mage
Some people can do the most damage and use their utility to the best of the group/raids advantage.

I like to call these people "competent".
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Bind your interrupts and silences to an easy key to reach. Tired of rogues/DK's/mages/warlocks/shamans/everyone else derping on the last boss in the Forge of Souls when it would cast Phantom Blast.

I just learned something. and this is coming from someone who usually had 50%+ of the interrupts on dreamwalker in every pugs. Guess i need to try to CS more stuff...
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82 Troll Mage
I don'tmiss the days of spending 10 minutes to plan out a pull, because back then, trash wasn't any rarer than it is now. I don't enjoy spending 20 minutes on trash when I could spend 5 minutes AoEing it all to death.

I also don't miss having to constantly tell people "Sorry, mage and warlock DPS only" because not having strong CC meant that an instance was twice as hard (Magister's Terrace, the Mechanar, etc).

I'll grant you that AoEing large packs of trash constantly is not that exciting, but it's better than CCing large packs of trash constantly.
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85 Draenei Shaman
DPS is still king. People who do poor dps are usually bad at everything else too.
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