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I'm reposting this original thread from Cuddlebutt/Voodie with some additional info from me:

Since it seems like people are asking about our server every week, I'm going to compile a listing of the usual questions and answers that get asked about our lovely home. Feel free to post below if your question about Drenden isn't already answered here and someone will answer you at some point. ^.~

Q: How old is the server?
A: Drenden opened in January of 2007 and free transfers were offered to players on the overpopulated Bloodhoof, Dalaran, Gilneas, Lothar, and Stormrage servers. Several of the guilds from those reams made the switch, en masse, and established themselves on Drenden.

Q: What's the Alliance to Horde Ratio?
A: The Alliance outnumber the Horde here on Drenden. The number generally hovers around 2:1, though our WoW Census were updated pretty frequently over the Fall of '10 and the number floated around 60/40 to 65/35, Alliance/Horde.

Q: How is the raiding?
A: Drenden is not a world/US first sort of raiding server, but we have several solid raiding guilds who push progression and have been around for 3+ years. We are (at the time this was last edited) ranked 112 out of 241 in the US. We have a plethora of guilds who are actively recruiting for both 10 and 25 man teams. Please peruse our forums to see if there is one who is recruiting and fits your schedule. PUGs were getting though 3-4 wings fairly easily, and there was an uber-PUG of top guild members downing the Lich King in WotLK.

Check us out at: http://www.wowprogress.com/search?q=drenden

Q: How long is the queue for a random?
A: Tanks get an instant queue usually, healers are facing a wait of three minutes at most. DPSers can expect to see a wait of eight to fifteen minutes, generally. Though, I don't know how this will change in Cata.

Q: How is the PVP?
A: Drenden was a member of the Emberstorm battle group. The Alliance used to hold Wintergrasp most often, though Horde players had ample opportunity to run VoA over the course of the week as well. I haven't participated in WG, recently, with the new balancing queues, so I can't comment much until Cata. The Battlegroup is pretty good and reasonably balanced, though it seems to favor the Horde in BGs. This is not to say Horde wins every fight, the Alliance can deliver the occasional whooping as well.

Q: How's the economy?
A: As we are not a heavy raiding server, our prices on BOE epics and some materials tends to fluctuate quite a bit owing to an unsteady supply.

Q: How's the atmosphere?
A: The people on Drenden are comparatively friendly and mature. While there are always exceptions to the generalization, it's not hard to find a guild that hold behavioral expectations for continued membership. Ninja-ing happens occasionally, but is not nearly as widespread as one finds on other servers. Racism and homophobic behavior is not tolerated by "the masses" on the Horde side. Alliance side is the same, with trade chat tending on the less trade, more spam side.

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For more information, feel free to make use of the following links:

http://www.warcraftrealms.com/census.php?serverid=771 - WoW Census
http://www.wowprogress.com/search?q=drenden - WoW Progress Drenden server
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074377707 - Drenden Guilds and Websites
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90 Human Priest
I was, because I play a priest and am all about helping other people.

I am quite interested in how people treat servers in Cataclysm and will let this thread dies if server transfers take a different direction from WotLK to Cata.

In WotLK, people transferred servers for a few reasons. Progression, battlegroups or friends were some of the legitimate reasons. With full continent pvp matching, battlegroup transfers will go away. With Tol Barad balancing, progression transfers will lessen (since abundant VOA epics to the faction with the larger population lead to more geared folks leading to better progression will just not be the case anymore in Cata). I really hope the new world PVP queueing mechanism creates a more balanced faction population on Drenden.

But who know what will happen in Cata. I can assure you that I won't be bumping this thread very much more in December as I'll be furiously levelling my toons.
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