The Fallen Angels is now recruiting for all cata 10 raids and social aspects, we are forming several raid teams and need all roles. we will begin our casual raiding operations in January 2010 after everyone has a chance to level up to 85 and raids are going fast, as of now we are just recruiting. Times are yet to be determined. Talk to me or Norgalivis in game to join our raid team or our fun social guild!


1. Skilled, dedicated raiders/players that are in it for the long haul.

2. The minimal ability to play all different specs of your class.

3. Willingness to learn, and learn quickly.

4. As close to 100% raiding attendance as possible, especially as an initiate. If you can’t make raid times, contact your raid officer.

5. Having all consumables readily available for every raid. This means flasks, potions, food, glyphs, and anything else you may need.

6. Must be able to take constructive criticism.
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