Fixing Warlocks

100 Human Warlock
Here's a few ideas I've been juggling with:

Bake Nightfall into the class spec "perk". You get it automatically when you spec Affliction and Mastery could increase it's proc rate by a small amount.

Where Nightfall is, put a Talent [insert witty name here]
Your Shadowbolt inflicts the target with [insert witty name here] ,causing 15/30% of it's damage as a Damage Over Time effect over X seconds.

Bake Burning Embers into the class spec "perks". Where Burning embers is located, move Empowered Imp there. Where Empowered Imp is replace it with

Empowered Soulfire
Your Empowered Imp procs also cause your next Soulfire cast to increase your spell haste by 15% after you deal damage with Soulfire.
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85 Worgen Warlock
Nightfall has always been a very low dps gain and causes inverse haste scaling if you took it to a high level. Aff has mobility problems (1 instnat per 28 seconds) so getting UA or Haunt instant would be a world of help alot more in movement fights. The UA glyph goes away and we can use Corr glyph for more nightfall procs. I might change nightfall to a single skill point so locks can pick up soulburn:soc but that is very minor. Shadow embrace holds the spec back more than anything. It causes such a gap between patchwerk and helterskelter fights that affliction numbers are really hard to balance. Haunt can apply SEx3 and we are done. I would absolutely take ISF out of reach of affliction and revert the coef nerfs to affliction spells or buff deep aff talents to put the coef back in there if we are keeping out of reach of other specs. From there a soulburn:haunt = instant haunt that procs eradication. The Coex talent would put the coex snare on the victim of curse of weakness.

Demo: molten core extends immolate's duration 3/6 seconds so HoG refreshes are not an issue. Glyph of Felguard increases all his dmg except felstorm 20% Molten core proc rate increased alot but an internal cooldown added.

Destro: emp imp procs still are consumed by casted soulfire (as of last night's raid) so can we copy/paste nightfalls code for a proc mid shadowbolt cast? ISF can stay but it moves further down the tree. Otherwise destro is fine though casting corruption still feels out of place.
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