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Has anyone else noticed that sometimes (often, even) you can not use rebirth or a soulstone even though a battle res hasn't been used in the fight? It seems to be a bug since the "one-b-res-per-fight" mechanic was introduced; before that it worked fine.

To confirm, this happened to my group twice on the gunship battle last night, so I combed through my combat log and, sure-enough, no one had used any kind of battle-res in the fight, yet it was locked out when I had tried to use rebirth.

I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this before I posted a bug report.
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I'm pretty sure a shaman's reincarnate is also on the shared lockout, although I read a blue post the other day that seemed to indicate that's not intended.
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I had the problem running ToC this week, tried to brez someone and kept getting a weird error message even when no one else had been rezzed.
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I think this happens if a soulstone is even used on a person, whether they've rezzed or not with it.
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91 Night Elf Druid
12/04/2010 5:50 PMPosted by Aknuar
I think this happens if a soulstone is even used on a person, whether they've rezzed or not with it.

This couldn't be the case as we had no warlocks in our raid.
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This was extremely noticeable during our Lich King epic weeks-long attempts. We had a tank that, I swear, wore paper armor, and died at least once each fight. The 10 minute cooldown would be up on my b-res, it'd be a whole new fight after a wipe (or even two or three wipes), and I still got "You can no longer resurrect during combat."

And nope, no shammy or warlock in the group, no other druids. Raid makeup was two pallys, two priests, two hunters, a mage, a warrior, a dk, and me.
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