Healing Addons and You 101 - Guide

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Powerauras Classic seems strangely omitted in the Cooldown timers section.
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Or you could be cool like me and eschew healing addons in favor for the default UI. And be cool like me by using words like "eschew".

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12/08/2010 2:04 PMPosted by Valetudo
Powerauras Classic seems strangely omitted in the Cooldown timers section.

Quoting to remind myself to add this. Thank you.
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Bump for the new healers that are having a hard time.
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For those who want to try the new blizz raid frames plus a little added utility, the guy who made Grid has started on a new project that is to add a little more functionality to the Blizz raid frames.


It looks cool enough that I will be trying it out tonight.
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Hi I would like to ask I use healbot and i love it. but my question is with all that has happened to the amount of mana it takes to heal I have to judge- seal of insight alot to help keep my mana pool up! IS there an addon that would assist me in doing so more effectively?

Example: say i cast flash of light, on a party member id like it to auto target mob and judge, or if i cast holy light 3 or 4 times- auto target mob and judge. and i could still keep healing as fast as possible with out having to click mob then hit a button.

any help would be greatly thanked.

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Excellent guide! Going to try some other addons to help heal now :) Thank you!
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Awesome thread, I use addons and have for the past 2 yrs of healing. You have actually laid out some options that I am gonna try out , they sound like they may help me even more. Thanks for the write :)
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I love Healium. And contrary to some, you can change the scale of the interface. To me it makes the hardest part of healing, (targeting) a non-issue. Plus it can be configured to give you an audio warning when someone gets a de-buff, disease, curse, etc, that you can remove. I also find it to be way cleaner than other add-ons I've tried. Just click and heal. Can't get much more simple than that. Now if it could only get tanks not to LoS us...
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Good thread, [liked].

I would suggest adding that a healer needs to heal without addons first. On patch days, addons usually break for a few days, no need to not be able to function as a healer.

Also xperl for unit frames. My UI is cluttered but works for me. I'd post my UI, but it's maintenance day.

Also Healbot, I use it on my paladin, rogue and my hunter
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Thank you for your astounding feedback! I'll be editing somethings now, and will certainly be adding more as other people post!

@Thatsthegreat, You sound like you need Inline Aura.
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Bump for great justice!
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I personally use Power Auras and Vuhdo for nearly everything.

Power Auras monitors when:

-Chakra is up and how long it has left
-Stacks of Evangelism, stationary lines that complete a circle at 5 and then start spinning with timer
-A small flower, and then a much larger one, for stacks of Serendipity
-Circle of Healing / Penance cooldown timers in the form of a spinning rune circle
-Surge of Light Procs
-A special warning when I'm silenced that persists until the silence ends
-Obviously low health and low mana warnings
-Dispel warning that monitors the enemy target for things demanding a dispel and displays their picture (Mostly PvP, but I set it to monitor some boss buffs as well)
-Small and individual timers for long things like Hymns, Shadowfiend, Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression, Lightwell, etc
-And more...

Vuhdo monitors the rest with those little boxes around the player frame:

-Aggro, PoM, Renew, Bubble, Guardian Spirit, and lastly the Lightwell buff (So I don't double up on healing if I see it's being used by someone... also so I can see who is slacking)

The only issue I'm finding now is knowing when to defensively dispel. I am (or used to be) very OCD about dispelling. Must... fix... blue... bars... Now with the cost so high, I'm weaning myself down from that mindset, but I'm having trouble identifying whether that blue bar is because of a frostbolt or some impending doom. Hoping that'll come with more experience with the encounters... or I hear Decursive is for that. I just hate taking the keybinds from Vuhdo for another addon just to dispel.
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85 Human Priest
Thank you ,
Not a new healer by any means
, but really like to see thoughtful helpful posts in the see of QQ.

By the way, Here is my Smite Macro for you priests

#show Smite
/cast [@mouseover,harm] [@target, harm] [@focus, harm] [@targettarget] Smite

This is an example of "fall through" logic common to macros. If the first condition is not met - it "falls through" to the next lower one.

This Logic sequence is to cast smite at your mousover target (the pointer on your mouse is on them or their raid frame, but to only if it is a bad guy (aka harm)

If your mouse is not over a bad guy, it checks against a target to see if it is a bad guy. As a healer you will rarely have a target that is a bad guy unless questing. In which case it casts the smite. (dont have to change buttons to be out in the real world).

Next if checks vs a focus target (in case you focused the boss per se)
Then it finally gets to the useful part: Targettarget. This assists whoever is the good guy you have targeted (aka your tank).

With this baby you can smite away at anything the tank is trying to hit.
Hard to scew it up, and I don't have to think at all.

Yes, this kinda logic is very useful for other things (like heals).
And yes you can even stack logic into it to heal a friendly whilst smiting a baddie.
But that is for another day.

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85 Night Elf Druid
After many trials and errors, I have settled on Quartz, Healbot, DBM, Decursive, and HudMap.

I like Healbot (Continued, not the original) because it's easy to customize without being a programmer or copying other peoples' codes. You can set it for mouseover or not, and you decide whether you want to cast on click or release. Sometimes things like not showing raid group 8 or setting how out-of-range people are displayed can be hard to figure out, but a little google-fu can usually solve it. Since my mouse has 4 buttons, I get 32 possible spells or actions to assign to keys/clicks (each button times 8 key combinations, like Shift + Alt).

It's not specifically for healing, but I didn't see HudMap mentioned, which is an excellent situational-awareness addon. HudMap is really useful for "don't stand in fire" kinds of situations, like for a Defile, it puts huge gray circles on your screen with a marker for you in relation to them (hard to describe; just try it). At first, I resisted because it's kind of weird, but now I wouldn't raid without it. I think there's a similar one called IceHud, too.

When I raided (I'm on hiatus), I think I was pretty successful, so I'd say my setup was successful as well.

But alas, these are just things to try.

Great thread btw.
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Practical, you don't get enough attention for the quality of your guides.
So <3 to you,
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Yes we should have guides stickied by all means. People forget how much easier a healer's life can be with these, when properly set up.

Also, if people are looking for UI compilations, a link to some nice examples would be nice, like this:
Edited by Sedivy on 12/21/2010 10:35 AM PST
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69 Blood Elf Priest
Awesome guide! I just began using Healbot and I'm loving it. My heals are hitting quicker and it makes it so much easier to keep track of everyone and have my best spells at hand. I love that I can queue another spell up before the one I'm casting has even hit.
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The thing about adding macros is that it's more fit for the Macro/UI section. I will TRY to add some a bit later, though.
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