Healing Addons and You 101 - Guide

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This needs a sticky D:

Very helpful for beginning healers. Or those who are tired of clicking and casting. (I know I am).
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07/28/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Roselyne
This need a sticky D:

NIGHT OF THE LIVING THREAD (as somebody recently said).

But necrosis aside, if you think that this thread should be stickied, click the "request sticky" button at the top right of the page. This certainly IS a valuable thread for healers, both new and veteran.

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Sticky requested!
Well done!
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Is there an Addon that will send the tank a message or warning of some kind when I have aggro??? I am so sick of having to yell HELP every freaking time the tank doesn't notice I have aggro... Yes I know get a different tank but it happend to me 7 out of 10 times the other day and was just a little annoying... Thanks!! :)~
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I Heal a lot in raids i use:

MikScrollingBattleText to see what kind of heals I am getting

Quartz for a cast time bar.

Healbot to make it easier to single target heal
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On my Hpally, I'm currently using:

Default Raid Frames
BigWigs Boss Mods
Xperl Unit Frames
Dominos (for Bars; comes with cast bar)

I'm prob going to make the switch over to WeakAuras and I grabbed the Raid Frame Indicators from the guy who did Grid to add a bit more customization to the default frames.

As for add-ons vs no add-ons.... Are add-ons required to raid well? No. They aren't. Do they make things easier? Yes, to an incredible point.

With add-ons that allow you to place the information you need in your direct line of sight, add-ons greatly reduce the amount of time you spend searching the screen to find it.

And when you can see what's going on in a fight because hey, your add-ons are right in your face, your reaction time improves drastically. Which means fights become smoother, as your awareness becomes higher.

If you don't want to heal without add-ons, you can. And you can perform at a decently high level without them. But give a high performing healer without add-ons a toolkit containing add-ons and watch how much better that healer starts performing.

And I think everyone would benefit from this article: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2014/01/29/raid-awareness-is-a-learned-and-practiced-skill/

Because he discusses, in-depth, just how important add-ons really are to your overall performance during a fight.
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