[Sug] Swap Nourish and Regrowth for Druids

100 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm reposting this here, since I was shunned from General discussion....oh well. Anyway, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions for druid healing.

First, please swap Regrowth and Nourish spell functions. This would accomplish 3 key things:
1. Nourish (a boost of healing) would work best for targets that are low on health. It's better to have this sort of set up, because a target that is injured would be helped more by a larger heal (bringing him or her up farther from death) than a heal/hot combo (that while preferred for the hot, ultimately may be too little up front too late).

2. By using Regrowth as our go-to heal, it synergizes better with our Mastery, since it'd apply a hot, which would then help successive heals' strength.

3. It would keep a Swiftmend-able hot on the tank AND refresh Lifebloom. (I realized while recently healing with my druid that sometimes I really want to drop the Efflorensence at the tank's feet, since that'd almost always guarantee that AOE hot hits the tank + melee. Sometimes, melee are scattered and the Effloresence hot is misplaced. By it hitting the tank, I'd know that if the melee aren't there to get it, they'll likely be there shortly standing in it. But I have to waste a Rejuv or Regrowth on the tank just to have a hot there to drop SW + Eff.)

Second, please make Regrowth's hot longer than 6 sec. Part of what make Regrowth a great spell pre-4.0.1 was its ability to go on and on. A 21-sec hot may be too great, I could concede, but an 18- or even 15-sec. hot would really allow us to keep a hot on the target to allow Swiftmending. Swiftmend is our Holy Shock or Penance, and its terrible having to use a GCD to apply an expensive hot just to then Swiftmend. If the first suggestion is considered, then by having Regrowth as the go-to heal really means that it would see more use, apply more hots, and really make it easier on druids to Swiftmend. I can compare this to a shaman's Riptide and its incredibly long (glyphed) hot. With a hot so long, he or she can be free to Riptide a target then follow up with a Chain Heal (boosted 25% on the Riptided target). Having a long Regrowth hot would better allow us to be free to choose which target is better served by using Swiftmend (blowing the CD) or boosting with Nourish.

Third, if nothing else, please just remove the requirement that Swiftmend needs a hot to consume. Again, it costs us a GCD just to set up a Swiftmend heal, and I think it promotes poor behavior of wasting mana to cast Rejuv (longest hot atm) just to have that target *able* to be Swiftmended.

Any feedback from fellow druids?
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85 Tauren Priest
I think Regrowth (old or new) would work a lot better as the efficient heal with the way HOTs work now, as long as the HOT rolled. But I suppose that with all the healer homogenization, the developers are looking to differentiate wherever possible.
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75 Troll Druid
It'd be nice to get an efficient heal before 76 really. Swiftmend is great, but it's a long cooldown.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Technically it doesn't matter much, since HT and Nourish have the same efficiency and cast time. And without 5SR, there's really no difference between cancelcasting the big heal and chain casting the "efficient" (for druids).
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85 Tauren Druid
If nourish becomes the flash heal, its innate boost from having a hot on the target should be removed. It's redundant with the mastery anyway.
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