Class balance going to matter as much in RBG?

29 Human Rogue
I know it will to an extent but since when you die you respawn and tactics come into play and often there are number imbalances will it not come down to the better team more often then not unless you bring like a team of hunters or something?
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CasterCleave 3v3 is just as bad as CasterCleave 10v10 imo.
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90 Gnome Warrior
Dont expect to be successful in RBG has melee, Arena will still be there and we will do better then the end of S8 .. at least for the start, But RBG ... WorldofCaster yep
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100 Human Paladin
Class imbalances are much less obvious in Rated BGs because of the much greater variety of tactics available for certain battlegrounds. Plus the possibility of niche roles makes class balance issues seem less one dimensional.

Examples: Elemental Shamans are overpowered in Eye of the Storm, Feral Druids are overpowered Node Defenders, Rogues are overpowered Node ninja'ers, Arcane Mages are OP in Strand of the Ancients, AOE fear is Overpowered in WSG.

That sort of thing. It's not nearly as easy to notice when things are out of balance because the number of players is larger and the focus isn't on deathmatch PvP but rather team based objectives. Which is not only the reason why BGs are just by their very nature more balanced than arenas and always will be, but also the reason why I personally find them a lot more fun.
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29 Human Rogue
bump more specifically hunters
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85 Undead Mage
I do fine on my rogue with heals. same with my warrior. pretty easy for random BGs to be dominated by casters when you don't have competent teammates interrupting them, healing you, and dispelling you.
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85 Draenei Shaman
12/05/2010 12:35 AMPosted by Zanur
Dont expect to be successful in RBG has melee, Arena will still be there and we will do better then the end of S8 .. at least for the start, But RBG ... WorldofCaster yep

It sounds to me like you've never played with people that pay attention to you before.
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Of course class balance matters. What other kind of balance could possibly decide games? Terrain balance I guess, but Blizz is usually fairly good about that aside from a few problem areas.

Just like in any PvP scenario in WoW, the main deciding factors will be gear, choice of comp, and skill. And with the elimination of PvE gear in PvP, we are looking at choice of comp and skill being bigger factors than ever.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
rbgs are going to end up being 1-2 affliction warlocks and a bunch of healers trolling each other indefinitely

six months from now i'll dig this prediction out and be hailed as a prophet
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