Best profession for tanks?


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Hello folks, just asking a simple question, what's the best professions for tanks?

I'm planning a to roll a Worgen warrior, but I'm quite undecided on what profession should my warrior learn.

Ive done a little research on Leatherworking & Engineering and they seem to have some nice exclusives.

Leatherworking has:
Charscale Leg Reinforcements"

Draconic Embossment - Stamina"

Engineering has:
Cardboard Assassin

Grounded Plasma Shield

So, I should I pick from either of the two or is there another profession I should go for?

My second spec for my warrior will be for PvP. If I factor this in, is there a more suitable profession combination for me?
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I'm not really sure about how everything will go down in Cata, but I generally answer questions like this with "whatever is the most fun to you". :)

That said, there are some good choices.

Smithing gives you extra sockets.
Jewelcrafting gives you (limit 3) beefier gems.
Mining gives you more Stamina as a passive bonus.

...and so on.

The thing with Leatherworking is that it doesn't really help you as far as making gear for yourself, whereas Blacksmithing would.

Likewise, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting let you socket/enchant your own gear as well.

In the case of Leatherworking, other than the let "enchant", you're not really doing anything for your own gear, are you?

Unless you're rolling a Druid tank, of course. :)

Engineering, on the other hand, is just a blast. pun intended. ^_^;

But those are just my thoughts. I'm sure other people have better advice.
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generally the accepted two min/maxing proffs for plate tanks are bs/jc. one or the other are very good combined with mining.

engineering is quite popular because of it's powerful glove tinker and is generally full of fun things to have. (personal nitro boost QQ aside)

enchanting gives you 2 +stam to your rings

alchemy looks like it will be fairly powerful for cata with the tanking alchemist's stone being one of the best pre raid trinkets available.

the only reason for having leatherworking in a plate tank is for the wrist enchant in the endgame. i personally wouldn't see you getting much use out of it while leveling.
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Right now the best min/max professions are LW/JC.

Hopefully blizz will release a better wrist enchant after cata (like they did after LK released).

Until then with no good wrist enchant the LW enchant is far and away better than any other profession for tanks.
12/05/2010 6:39 AMPosted by Soulea
Right now the best min/max professions are LW/JC.

Hopefully blizz will release a better wrist enchant after cata (like they did after LK released).

Until then with no good wrist enchant the LW enchant is far and away better than any other profession for tanks.

This...right now LW has the ONLY stam wrist enchant. I doubt it will stay this way so BS/JC will probably be on top again.
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Went with engineering and mining. Mining for the stam bonus and money making. Engineering for the toys. Rocket launcher for hands. Allows another aggro/pull tool. Saronite bombs...great aoe aggro getter. Combine bombs with swipe (yes swipe) works great. Plus decoys when u have incoming mobs, that u might have trouble grabbing. (when decoy blows up.aoe. the aggro goes to u :)) Activated shields. Absorbes dmg of all sorts. Makes life easier on healer. Kinda sucks they took the stat bonus' out of the tinkering...and put helm and boot tinks into the BELT?! Its also cool when people see a bear shoot rockets lmao.
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I was pretty sure it was mining/jc for the stam bonus. LW wrist enchants are good, but the leg enchant will probably be available for non-LW for a higher mat cost like in wotlk, really just go with what you like unless your guild is top-end min/max. If thats the case they will tell you what professions to max and will probably help you out with them
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I did BS and it was a good armor replacement until about 25ish. After that the dungeon gear was so much better that now i just sell everything i make. For you i would suggest, like other people are saying, Jewelry Crafting/Engineering/Alchemy. One of those should help the most. But then again Cata might give BS some better stuff?
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Blacksmithing is great since it gives you the extra gem slots and mining for the +60 Stam. Pretty much anything will work for tanking except skinning and herbalism. Unless you are a druid and the extra crit from skinning works.
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LW/Alch is best until (Item not found) is replaced with both 359+ raid drops. LW/JC is better by 3 Stamina afterward. JC/Alch will be best if tanks stack mastery + armor/resistance.

Blacksmiths can craft excellent pre-raid 359 gear using BoP Chaos Orbs that are predicted to drop in heroics. If a plate tank can't find a BS to run heroics with them they should pick up BS in the early 'Clysm so they can craft their own gear. Druids will be in the same boat with Leatherworking.
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Best is jewlcrafting and blacksmithing.
85 Tauren Warrior
dirst off im warning you my spelling sucks

Ok look With LW you gain the +195 stam to wrist which is a great amount of stam. BUt think about it. You miss out on the +50 dodge (1.25 gem value) so lets subtract 1.25 gem value worth of stam(75) from 195. we end up with +120 stam. Minning gives +120 stam so does enchanting. so LW isnt exactly the best overal profession for tanking like some people say . Its all about balence.

IF you invest all of your stats to stam without having decent mitigation youl just take big whopping shots dropping health in big chunks and healers will be pissed off wasting ther mana to heal you up.

being a warrior i personally like the Alchemy stone for balence of both mastery and stam which both outweigh any other trinket ive seen concidering it also adds +10 k health to your mythical healin potions effects. after adding the pursistant gem its +410 stam +233 mastery +10 crit +40% effects of potions (making your Oh-Sh&$% button that much more powerful)
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