Looking for guild

85 Night Elf Druid
Things I am looking for:
Raid time between 5pm est and 10pm est
3-4 days a week any days are fine
PvP server

What I offer
A player with common sense and 14 years of gaming mmo's
LvL 80 druid - will spec and gather gear as seen fit for the guilds needs

I was big into raiding during Burning Crusade (SSC, Tempest Keep, etc etc)
took off before the Lich King x-pac (change in work schedule made finding any raiding near impossible)

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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Guild Name: Business Casual
Faction: Alliance
Server: Blackwater Raiders (RP)
Battlegroup: Whirlwind
Raid System: 10Man
Loot System: Need before Greed
Website: business-casual.wowstead.com

Raid Schedule
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Realm Time(Pacific) 3+Hrs-Eastern, 2+Hrs-Central

Business Casual is a 11/12 HM guild formed through a group of friends from another server that came to Blackwater Raiders in mid 2010. We are combining this experience under one roof with the single purpose of pursuing excellent raid progress in Cataclysm.

Guild Progression

Our BWR Progression since our formation is as follows:

Halion (10N) (Pre 4.0)
11/12 HM ICC (10) (Pre 4.0)
5/5 ToGC


We place a great deal of emphasis on improvement in our raiding roster and in our raiders. The concession is that everyone can be better, and everyone should be better. If you simply do what you are told without any critical thinking on your part: we don't want you. We use max consumables for all raid content and swapping specs for progression encounters is expected. You need to get everything you can out of your character without being directed to do so. If you have not improved since last weeks raid, you are doing it wrong.

We are looking for problem solvers who can see themselves as part of the greater whole. Active participation for the betterment of yourself and the raid is expected. We are not looking for raid loggers - we want players who are willing to join a community, not a RaidID.

About You

- Fundamental and up to date understanding of your class. Cataclysm is coming, and 4.0 is here. You can't be lost, and you need to know where to look.
- Use of spreadsheets/logs/theorycrafting to improve upon your DPS/Healing.
- Excellent raid awareness, and the ability to learn from mistakes without repeated coaching.
- Solid raiding experience throughout WotLK with time-relevant hard modes. Sarth 3D zerg is meaningless.
- Ability to use and check the forums everyday. We are not looking for raid-loggers.
- Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates.
- The ability to make a joke, the ability to take a joke.
- Ventrilo and a Microphone are not synonymous with communicating effectively. You need to be able to.

Current Needs

Melee DPS

Feral Druid
Any exceptional melee.

Range DPS

Any exceptional ranged dps.


Resto Shaman
Any exceptional healers

We will also be looking to do some dungeon grinding with guildies. We tend to do PVP groups within the guild as well.


Feel free to contact Achílles (altcode- 131 "i") or Flamingwolf throughout the day. Send an in-game mail or apply online on our site =).
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85 Human Warrior
We need a solid healer or ranged DPS. If you're interested here's some general info about our guild.

Skill Is Soulbound is a newly formed raid guild on the Kel'thuzad server who's main goal is to clear all content in Cataclysm at the 10-Man Heroic level. Our philosophy is efficiency and effectiveness. We want to keep raid days to a minimum so our raids will be focused and allow for little margin of error. We will be hardcore during raid times meaning we will not fool around during raid hours. Outside of raid times, we will be relaxed and fun. Many of us in the guild are very serious about PVP and will be pursuing these phases of the game on days we are not raiding.

Currently Skill Is Soulbound is recruiting ALL level 80s who have raid experience and are interested in serious raiding in Cataclysm.

Raid days/times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6PM Server Time until 9PM Server Time. The server is Mountain Time Zone. During progression we may also use Mondays from 6PM to 9PM server to work on a new boss/finish a tier of content. However, Mondays will only be set as raid days if the raid team collectively agrees to come back and make attempts that day. Otherwise it will an off-day.

Once we have enough members we will establish two raid teams consisting of 10 members. We will work to divide our talents evenly to make each team as capable as the other. For starters, one raid team will be given full attention.

Our goal is to clear and farm a tier of content until we feel we are capable of clearing that tier of content at the heroic level. We will then strictly focus on the heroic level until a new tier of content is released, at which point we will then rinse and repeat.

Our guild website is http://skillisbound.guildlaunch.com

Please check out our website and feel free to contact me via email through the guild website if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.


Guild Master

<Skill Is Soulbound>
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85 Draenei Paladin
Hey Fusaichi, our guild in Wrath was called Relapse, one of many that ended up 11/12 hm (July 2nd) tied for 2nd on the server at the time when it was relevant and 12/12 HM ICC 10 man. After our break we finally decided to reform on a new realm. We've decided to change realms to better centralize the data base for our players and Hyjal seems to be a dying realm as far as a good player base goes.

You can check out our progression dates here:

We still have a couple of our raiders on Hyjal wanting their server first 85 of their class FoS then we're good to go with a core spot left for a resto druid or feral. While we have a requirement to reach level cap between the 7th and the 14th, we'll then be starting our 25 man raids when our core has hit 85 and is ready to go. We have a 10 man alt run planned as well as rated BGs as a guild.

Our times are Thurs - Sun, 8p - 11p EST. The server is PvE, Chicago data center, EST realm time, slightly Alliance heavy and top 80 in raiding.

Our recruitment post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1126997319
For more information you can visit http://virtuosity.dkpsystem.com/news.php
Or you can contact us at: VirtuosityGuild@gmail.com or send a whisper/IGM to myself or Silane.
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80 Draenei Shaman
Hello! if your still interested in a guild, The Bunnie Massacre is currently recruit a druid as tank/resto and resto/boom... were on Thrall as horde, if interested here is our site! thebunniemassacre.wowstead.com shoot me an email there or at jp4053232857@gmail.com
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