Mages and Warlocks...


85 Human Priest
Incoming nerd rage...

Frost/Arcane mages, Destro warlocks..........

Out of hand. Unbelievable. Needs to be nerfed.

Mages should not be coming into BG's with full PvE gear and blowing up those in full Wrathful through a single deep freeze. Warlocks should have to rely on cooldowns like every other class, not have an OMGWTFBBQ and master every type of ability that other classes depend on. This should not be a monopoly.... what the hell happened to balance?!!!! What the hell happened to NOT wanting people to be globalled???

Just disappointed ... AND I AM MAD BRO.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Beta is old news nerfs were not implemented yet. Beta is not a realistic example of 85 pvp especially considering more nerfs will happen.
90 Orc Warlock
12/04/2010 10:45 AMPosted by Teckkno
Warlocks should have to rely on cooldowns like every other class

Warlocks have cooldowns?
85 Human Warlock
LOLOL Cooldowns.

54 Draenei Paladin
Ring of frost will fix it
85 Goblin Mage
Mages going into BG's in full pvp gear SHOULD blow people up in a deep freeze, as well as a rogue can kill the mage in the duration of a KS. Your issue isn't mages, your issue is PVEEEEEE geared people 3shotting pvp geared players, always has been this way and always will be. It's a tradeoff, deal with it.
80 Draenei Shaman
I don't have anything to say on the subject, I just want someone to tell me that I'm an idiot
85 Blood Elf Rogue
Warlocks, not so much, mages. hell yes
80 Blood Elf Mage
12/06/2010 2:58 PMPosted by Nìghtstalker
Warlocks, not so much, mages. hell yes

Sorry you feel like that. Next time I see your type in Arena I will promise not to blink your stuns, frost nova you in place, cone of cold slow you, use my Pet Freeze on you, Ice Block when you damage me, then invisibility if you weren't around and just kill you effortlessly with my Ice Lance (think it requires a new name like Lance of Death). Can't wait till we get Bloodlust and Fire Orb to further annihilate everything. We could always work together in an RMP 3v3 but I don't think Priest is looking good, so how about RMD?
Edited by Deceptiveito on 12/6/2010 4:21 PM PST
85 Undead Warlock
This is why you don't play arena...blizz can't balance for pve/pvp. Until they make dedicated arena servers, arena is LOL.

Rated BGs are going to rock, though!
85 Undead Warlock
12/06/2010 2:58 PMPosted by Nìghtstalker
Warlocks, not so much, mages. hell yes

That would be because you counter warlocks, and frost mages counter you.

God I hate Paper vs. Scissors discussion.
85 Goblin Shaman
Mages are too op atm but i really dont think things will be that balanced, like since 4.0.3 feral druids bleeds are really op. i got 1 shotted by a arcane mage and i have 34k hp and warlocks arent as op atm
90 Human Hunter
what the
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