Pally Holy dps Tops Charts?!

85 Dwarf Paladin
12/06/2010 12:34 AMPosted by Deftis
12/05/2010 8:04 PMPosted by Maceurface
As a holy pally I was asked to DPS on LK since my 10 man run didnt need 3 healers. With a single judgement followed by Exorcism spam I bursted 11k+ for the entirety of phase 1.

It's totally possible, its awesome in PvP and its fairly sustainable if you have good gear and spec. My gear isn't even 25-man heroic quality. Only about 6100 GS set up for healing not dps...

I'd like to point out that 100% of those were crits because he's Undead.

I'd like to point out that 100% of those crits were for 150% damage, which is like spamming at 50% crit with 200% damage... except you could potentially have a better streak with the latter.
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90 Undead Priest
I have seen some pretty high dps numbers running Disc through 5 mans. If I am in a caster buff friendly group, and I use a Power Infusion on myself, and pop my Hyperspeed Accelerators, all along with using a 5 stack of Evangelism for Archangel, 9k dps is not atypical. I believe the highest I have ever seen is 10.5k in the PoS. That was in full Shadow gear. Not sure what the group comp was.

I wouldn't be shocked if a Holy pally could bring in some big numbers.
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100 Human Paladin
Will ppl pls take sight of the low exors coeff that I displayed previously?

No, qq is much more fun.
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100 Human Paladin
12/04/2010 4:05 PMPosted by Atlaua
So i've been running randoms as a healer watching the dps and been seeing alot of holy dps spamming exorcism on bosses and mobs and pulling up to 11k dps? Man this just blows my mind, ive seen this about 10 differnet times and there always on top..... Blizz just made pallys easy mode!

Wow, your DPS players must suck badly. If healers can outdo them...
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/04/2010 5:27 PMPosted by Fridays
There is no way you're seeing 11k dps

Zero, no, not happening.

Our dps is +/- on par with other healers.
My gear was bad at the time + I got mind controlled. Istill dont have proper gems/enchants hehe.

It's pretty fun^^
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85 Human Paladin
I was doing about 9k on Precious and I dont even have the good talents for it.
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100 Draenei Shaman
I'm kind of expecting exo to go to 2.0 second cast. It hits for about the same as lightning bolt does, but LB has a 2.5 second cast time.

On a side note it would be nice if shaman could do halfway decent damage at 85, it took about a minute to kill a mob on beta as a resto shaman. Other healers were able to do 50% to 100% more damage easily.
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100 Human Paladin
on undead mobs with cooldowns blown you could sustain 10-11k dps for like 30 seconds or so
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85 Human Paladin
Not to mention, nearly every mob is undead, so exorcism is constantly critting for 5-7k damage. I doubt there is anything to worry about.
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85 Troll Priest
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