Raid Healers versus Tank Healers

85 Blood Elf Paladin
Are some classes still better at this than others at 85? I haven't been paying as much attention to the beta as I should, and frankly, i'm wondering if i'll be able to raid heal as a holy paladin and put a priest/shaman or even a druid on the tank without gimping the raid.

Obviously I will be able to, but would I be better at healing the tank than one of the others? Or is it truly balanced around skill?
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85 Human Paladin
i believe druids pallys and disc priests have the edge over the other healing specs/classes on tank healing but skill also plays a part
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I always resisted being classified as a tank healer. The fact is that I always beaconed one tank and healed everyone else. Never had to cast anything on the beaconed tank at all. Sometimes peoples perceptions of what your role is and "common wisdom" about the way things are supposed to be are much stronger than what you can actually do. I know there were many times when I was told to heal the tanks and went ahead and took care of everyone as always. Other times I was not invited to groups only because I was "just a tank healer."

With beacon (even in its nerfed form) it is very easy to heal the tanks. Actively healing everyone who isn't beaconed is the best way.
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91 Blood Elf Paladin
At 85...?

...I'll get back to you at 85. ^_^

Until we see how all the spells, talent points, gear, health pools, and encounters work at 85, it really is hard to say.

Right now, Paladins seem a bit more geared for tank healing than raid healing. We have no quick, spamable heals that won't take out our mana pools, our AOE in LoD is directional so positioning comes into play a lot, and Beacon heals for less AND we get our most HP from healing the Beacon him/her/itself anyway.

...but this is using the Wrath paradigm and level 80 gear, enemies, and abilities.

Holy Radiance may blow the lid open for Healadins to raid heal, or it may be a bust and we'll still get relegated to tank healing, just without our past renowned efficiency. -shrug- Though we also have to remember the healing version of Guardian of Ancient Kings, too.

Wait til 85. A lot hinges on what changes between 80 and 85, and there is a LOT to change (more than just gaining two spells.)

When we get to 85, then we'll see just what's going to form up.

It may be we still end up with tank healers, group healers, raid healers, ect. But maybe not. We'll see. : )
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5 Human Warlock
I would not worry about it, at least not to start. Just figure out what folks want to do and go with it as long as you have everything covered. If it turns out to not work so well because of class differences then reconfigure.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Too early to tell for 85. But I'm going to say that every raid will have 1 dedicated druid tank healer to hot stack on tanks. After that it depends. Aside from the priest/shaman damage reduction, it's moreso a skill thing I would think over everything else.

And don't listen to any disc who said they were tank healers in wrath.. simply lol...
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85 Draenei Paladin
I did some beta raid testing. Paladins are still great tank healers, but the way damage is distributed makes the need for dedicated tank healers diminish somewhat. That, and paladins do some sizable amount of raid healing too. I felt like I was raid healing a lot more than tank healing, but it did vary some per fight.

I guess you'll see. I can't speak for the other healing classes atm, but I felt very versatile and not trapped in a niche like I used to.
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90 Worgen Druid
12/04/2010 2:43 AMPosted by Brashara
Are some classes still better at this than others at 85? I haven't been paying as much attention to the beta as I should, and frankly, i'm wondering if i'll be able to raid heal as a holy paladin and put a priest/shaman or even a druid on the tank without gimping the raid.

Obviously I will be able to, but would I be better at healing the tank than one of the others? Or is it truly balanced around skill?

At this point in the game it looks as if any type of healer is going to be able to tank heal. Shamans and Holy priest are a little weaker in some aspects, but make up for it in others. Shamans crit affect of heals doesn't always affect the tank and weakens shamans in that aspect, but thier mastery increases healing on more injured tanks, which is very nice. Holy priests direct heals outside of chakra are a bit weak and their HoT affect mastery might not be great for tank healing, but by entering a chakra state with heal their direct heals become much stronger and they have a very good tanking cooldown for when things go back. Some healers might work well on tank healing together such as a druid/shaman/holy priest with a paladin/disc priest. The Shamans, holy priests, and Druids would be providing slightly better healing output/effects while the paladins and disc priests put out similar or possibly stronger healing, but also provide mitigation via shields. This isn't to say paladins can't tank heal with disc priests, I mean the more mitigation the better, right? That is assuming they stack, which I'd assume they do. Also, holy paladins and disc priests bring damage reduction cooldowns via pain suppression, barrier, and hand of sacrafice (any paladin can use this). Paladins also bring the sexy that is beacon as double tank healing powerhouse. Seems to me all healers will be viable tank healers, or at least until something like hardmodes makes a better distinction of the best. If I had to estimate a guess I'd say paladin > disc priest > druid > shaman > Holy priest (I thought about putting shaman last but shaman's mastery might turn out to be rather amazing. Had a hard time placing holy priests since I'm usure of just how strong they are but I've heard they have great direct healing in the right chakra state and guardian spirit is good. I think a holy priest in a group will generally go into raid healing over tank healing if given the option though).

Raid heal, however, is not quite near as equal imo. Priests, especially Holy, have arguably the most availability to aoe heals via PoH, holy nova, CoH (holy), and PoM. Druids are probably a bit weaker with Wild Growth and Efflorescence along with thier HoTs. Shamans chain heal and Healing Rain would probably put them a little under druids in aoe healing, not including direct raid healing. Paladins aoe abilities are a bit more limited in use. Light of Dawn requires holy power, which can take time to build, and out side of that Holy Radiance is a 1 minute cooldown that lasts 10 seconds. Paladins raid healing seems to conisists of more direct heals and instant direct heals, but that's not neccessaily a bad thing. Estimated guess: Holy priest > disc priest > druid > shaman > paladin. Disc priest might belong behind druids and maybe shamans, but I think a disc priest using PoH with guarenteed shields and thowing in shield and PoM can put out very good aoe healing.

This is my current view on tank and raid healing between the classes for cata. Last note: Anyone else think shamans could use a long cooldown unique skill either tank orientated or raid orientated? They seem to lack the neat tools that other classes have been privy to. Paladins get lay on hands (if no forbearance) along with BoP and freedom for curtain cases. Druids have tranquility and tree is pretty nice. Priests have divine hymn and, although it's not for healing speciically, hymn of hope. Shamans don't seem to have a nice cooldown ability that differentiates them and provides them with thier own unique trait to thier class. I'm not saying they need one, but it doesn't really seem fair.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
12/04/2010 6:52 AMPosted by Azureskíes
Most of it is skill as any healer can raid heal and any healer can tank heal.

There might be some slightly better classes then other but it is not going to be like the passed 6 years where a paladin is nothing more then a tank healer.

Every healer can do every role,it is more just about the skill that the player has to use right right heals in that role.

This is right on, imo. Healers are on a much more level field in Cata. Every healer should be able to fill any role. Those who are better at one of those roles SHOULD be those who are more skilled, though there are some cases where a certain class/spec has a slight advantage. I don't think there is anything too uneven to say X class/spec is better than the rest at Y. That's just my 2 cents though, opinions vary widely on this subject TBH.
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