The Cataclysmic Xanoic World Tour

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Greetings friends, Dreyfus Xano here with a great announcement that I will be resuming my Xanoic World Tour now named the Cataclysmic Xanoic World Tour. I believe the one big staple of this will be helping low level twinks get Explorer. It'll be easier seeing as I now have a Touring Rocket in my arsenel. The only real problem will be flying dragons but that should hardly be problem. The areas I am seeing are EK and Kalimdor, Outlands and Northrend at least. I just checked the Cata information and there is a new part for the basic Cata places, including Deepholme and Vashir. Im not sure how those areas are going to play into this but Ill explore that once I get to leveling come Dec 7th.

Besides Twink Exploring, I'll also be doing Fly Path tours, item grinds, and mob grinds and anything else that can be near soloed by an 80-85. I might need to up my prices a little bit to make this worth my while. I don't always have a set price because not every person I run across has thier own gold stockpile. Hit me up once Cata drops and the leveling rush plateaus and I can quote you what I think is fair on a case by case basis.

Dreyfus Xano
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Dreyfus, still up to your old tricks I see...
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100 Human Warrior
Better believe it.
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