I'm currently in need of a guild that raids any day except Tues.-Thurs. w/ similar progression experience, and goals.

I have completed 12/12 H.ICC 10, 11/12 H.ICC 25 and Herald of The Titans, on my death knight (which currently resides on another server) just to name a few. Other than those days my schedule is fairly flexible, unless you raid in the morning, then I can make any day.

I've been playing since day 1 of vanilla. I was a warlock for the majority of BC, dabbled a bit with locks for wrath(enough to clear ICC25 + several HM's). I plan on being 85 with in the first two weeks(really takes less than a day play time), faster if I find the right guild. Well versed in multiple specs, although my demo is a little rusty (as I would be applying as Aff.(main)/Destro). At this point I'm more interested in a 25 man guild, but I'm open to the idea if the right 10 man comes along.

Any questions, feel free to ask!