Favorite Titles in Game?Post your Opinions!

3 Human Warlock
Put your opinion in 2 Different Catagories.
The only good real think WoTLK brought were the Server First Titles IMO. But...
List titles you like the most, wish you could get, or have! This is NOT an EPEEN Thread. Even ones that come out in Cata!

Here are the 2 Catagories.

Server First Titles in WOTLK
Death's Demise

Then your 3 TOP other titles you like the most throughout all of WoW.
1. the Insane.
2. Light of Dawn.
3. the Astral Walker.

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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I dont like the title "Obsidian slayer" for given reasons. Other than that, I like "Twilight Vanquisher" "Champion of the frozen wastes" and "Starcaller"
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85 Goblin Priest
I have always loved "Death's Demise." Back when doing Naxx and I heard it was a title coming out I told Freeballa (Senorteabag) that it was the title I had to have, and I was lucky enough to get it eventually.

Another title I have always enjoyed is "Kingslayer," even if everyone has it, it has always been just a great title.

"The Insane" or "Salty," but those depend on the person/personality of the character.
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87 Goblin Mage
I'm a fan of all the Algalon titles:

the Celestial Defender
the Astral Walker
Herald of the Titans
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85 Troll Hunter

12/04/2010 6:33 PMPosted by Torumin
I'm a fan of all the Algalon titles:

the Celestial Defender
the Astral Walker
Herald of the Titans

I agree with Torum, Uld was just the best thing to come out of WotLK
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85 Goblin Hunter
Nothing can touch Death's Demise, nothing currently in the game anyway.

Following that though: Starcaller, Celestial Defender, Herald of the Titans and Bane of the Fallen King.

The only Cata titles i'm looking forward to are Defender of a Shattered World, and Dragonslayer.
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85 Tauren Shaman
My favourite is Light of Dawn. It was one I was lucky enough to personally achieve and I just think it's the coolest sounding title out... I can imagine wearing it well into Cataclysm. I honestly hope they remove it for Cataclysm to help it remain a 'rare' title. The only other one that comes close is Death's Demise... Which brings me to my other 3:

1) Death's Demise. I, unfortunately don't have this one. But it's awesome sounding.
2) Starcaller. I think it's better than Algalon's 25 man title The Celestial Walker.
3) Bane of the Fallen King. Way cool title.
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85 Orc Warlock
For WotLK, purely based on how cool they sound and not what it takes to get them...

1) Death's Demise
2) Light of Dawn (works best with pallys and priests for obvious reasons)
3) of the Nightfall

but for Cataclysm, going to go for Professor Repressor
God knows how long thats going to take.
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85 Goblin Shaman
death's demise is for bads and people who suck. Celestial defender number 1!
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Scarab Lord

That's pretty much it.
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85 Undead Warlock
favorite server first title is the Magic Seeker, damn you stay frosty.
and the rest go in this order

1) of the Shattered Sun, just because it sounds awesome and i have it
2) Bane of the Fallen King, because its awesome and i have it
3) the Insane, because its awesome but i dont have it =(((( qqqqqqqq im way too lazy for that crap ( just look at my cheev points )
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