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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Onyxia - PvP - US

*** Note: Currently in the developmental stage, as such the guild list is limited ***

Guild Type
  • PvP - 80%+ Dedication to PvP content.
  • PvE - 80%+ Dedication to PvE content.
  • Hybrid - 40 - 60% Dedication to PvP and PvE content.

Guild Commitment
  • Lvling - Guild for leveling characters.
  • Casual - Guild for casual endgame players.
  • Strict - Guild for endgame payers, required online at specific times.

Pop - Population of 80+ characters.


  • Forged by Fury - PvE - Casual/Strict - Pop 200
    • Contacts - (GM) Karadyn, (O) Artemes, Gyoin, Jaycob, Masher, Orrko, Ossiris
    • Vent, Web - forgedbyfury-onyxia.guildomatic.com/

  • Unwritten - PvE - Casual/Strict - Pop 150
    • Contacts - (GM) Osterman, (O) Phara, Killernubby, Kitechuround, Euphetal
    • Vent


  • The list will be sorted by guild population (lvl 80+), but may change after cata endgame content is available.
  • To be added to the list, please have a GL/Officer post the following information:
    • Faction, Guild Name, Contact(s)
    • Guild Type (PvP, PvE, or Hybrid), Commitment, Population of lvl 80+
    • Use of a Mic Service (Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc.), Website/Forum URL
  • Changes to a guild posting must be clearly marked in a new post.
  • Guilds will be added on a daily/weekly basis depending on the number of additions/edits.
  • This directory is not a complete list and is based off of community support.
  • Tips and constructive criticism is welcome.

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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100 Undead Priest
Horde : Forged by Fury
GM : Karadyn
Officers : Artemes, Gyoin, Jaycob, Masher, Orrko, Ossiris
Type : PvE, Casual Raiding with Dedicated Core, 80% level 80 (200-ish)
Ventrillo Required, dedicated guild ventrilo available.

Also, thanks for making a thread :)
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85 Human Paladin
12/04/2010 7:00 PMPosted by Gamera
hi all of your guilds are awful you can't even kill LK so have fun being in greens in blues for the next 2 years

Hey bro, pve is hard! K??? You have to stand out of the fire and stuff! PvP is the stuff that is faceroll, thinking your feet, and actually doing more than a dps rotation, so much easier compared to pve, no joke!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/04/2010 6:56 PMPosted by Gamera
stfu fail tard

12/04/2010 7:00 PMPosted by Gamera
hi all of your guilds are awful you can't even kill LK so have fun being in greens in blues for the next 2 years

You sound mad bro. Take a breath and BREATHE
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85 Human Paladin
12/05/2010 6:12 AMPosted by Ioltauren
Lol, retards.

Frost Mage = faceroll 2700

Holy Paladin = faceroll 2700

Sub Rogue = faceroll 2400

Resto Druid = faceroll 2400



2 tanks
2 healers
6 dps
30% buff in in every raid
bane of the fallen king
same fight which is easy to master
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85 Human Paladin
its probaly because i dont raid, i got sindragosa down 5% buff and dident do lich king because no one felt like it

pve is not hard.
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80 Human Mage
only comp that is faceroll invovle a shaman and a warlock and a 3rd caster...or healer...
also i dont see any high ratings from you ..chromite....not even in bc...you are a bad troll
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85 Gnome Death Knight
I felt the need to LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the mention of pve being harder than pvp.

owait wrong server
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90 Draenei Paladin
Is this the FbF origionaly formed by Elwinna back on Arathor around 07-08?
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