Raid Mechanics in LK

85 Goblin Priest

Just for fun, which raid mechanics in LK did you like most? Which did you hate with a passion?

Personally, I HATED Heroic Putricide(The charges and plague -transfer) but I absolutely loved Unstable Magic from Sindragosa.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Not really related to healing but Meltdown on the Steelbreaker last fight was super annoying as a tank. Even if you can one shot all the hard modes the first tank on steelbreaker always dies.

Phase 3 anub'arak was a nice twist. You had to balance how much healing you could do with how much dps your group could put out.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Like: heroic LK exiting frostmourne defiles prior to 4.0

Dislike: heroic LK exiting frostmourne defiles post 4.0

(basically since that patch, the loading into the throne room has been funky to say the least, usually doesn't cause an issue, but once in a while you'll get a dangerous "invisible defile".)
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- Yogg Saron p2, not particularly healing intensive but lots of dispells, positioning, movement, debuff management.
- Festerguts change of healing Pace, and assignment swaps early in ICC
- Almost all of KT and 4Horsemen at the start of Wrath, never having seen Naxx40
- Gunship, at the start of ICC, was hectic and new
- Most of Ulduar's HMs, beautifully designed
- 10m HM ToC was actually quite fun at the time


- Gunship at the end of ICC, snoozefest
- Malygos p3
- All of Spider Wing
- Not particularly encounter specific but losing people due to hair trigger mechanics on oceanic latency is especially grating.
- Random mass zergs in Faction Champs
- Having unchained for 70% of Sindy HM
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5 Human Warlock

- Freya 25 Hard. Just seemed like totally wonderful chaos.
- Sapphiron. My introduction to rejuv blanketing bwahahaha.


- Arthas 25 Hard because it has caused my guild to go 10 man and lose a lot of good people.
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