Shadow Priest in Abysmal

85 Undead Priest
Can we please get a clarification about Shadow Orbs mechanic. I thought we were leaning away from looking blankly at the screen for a buff system? So what is the deal with Shadow Orbs mechanic? Currently you HAVE to cast it whenever the buff is up, before we get 3 stacks. It seems to be the result of the nerf to the direct damage portion of the spell from 100% to MB/MS to 30%. Which I understand was OP for PvP.

So current rotation is, keep dots up. Cast MB when you proxy Shodow Orbs buff to keep 10% buff to dots up. Mastery is very weak, and I don't see it becoming any more viable as we gear.

This change is very recent, so I don't know how many people got to try it out in beta.
If you did get to try it out, what are your thoughts?


Make 3 stack MB/MS portion of the Shadow Orbs more attractive.
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8 Troll Hunter
is Abysmal one of the new dungeons?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
My least favorite parts are:

Ramp up time. Now we have to SW:P -> Flayx5 (for evangelism) -> Hope to god it procced an orb -> Apply DoTs. The RNG element is terrible.

It can be dispelled. That's a huge problem for PvP. Why?

-We (along with everyone else) lost our trash buffs/dispel resistance talents. It won't be out of the question to focus purge / spellsteal the moment we gain Empowered Shadows, locking us out of our mastery until the next mind blast ~7.5+ later.

-Shadow Orbs themselves can be dispelled.

-It is much harder to activate our mastery in a pvp setting. Will our PvP damage be based around 100% uptime? Then we will be crippled the majority of fights. Will we be balanced around hardly having it up? Then we will be over the top when we have it active.

Solutions:: Pretty simple. Shadow Orbs and Empowered Shadows should be physical effects. No class suffers this much ramp up time for their mastery only for it all to be dispelled instantly.

Conversely, there could be some sort of harmful effect if you dispel empowered shadows. (think of it as dispel protection for PW:S, since we are in fact cloth tanks.)

Edit: please change the title to "Empowered Shadows + Shadow Orb Concerns" or something like that. I don't even know what this title is supposed to be about.
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