Is it not possible to balance lower levels?

12/07/2010 1:30 PMPosted by Azmodawn
a typo's a typo.. leik this, or moerover. Doing this is not not a typo (no spelling mistakes) is not - and you still haven't fixed it.

I hear MSword auto corrects that.

lul. type thread into word first! copy, paste, profit
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12/07/2010 1:44 PMPosted by Mourtifir
Man, when I was leveling my hunter he was a GOD in Battlegrounds. Yes it got harder post 60, but it only really got a little more fair (although I do concur with almost all hunters that they REALLY suck right now in pretty much all forms of PvP at 80+, and I won't play mine until they get around to fixing them).

Thing is, up till 60, I don't think there's another class in this game, except maybe Warrior Twinks that are more easymode in early BG's than hunters.

I get the sense that the OP didn't realize just how easy he had it till things got around to being a little more balanced (although Boomkin are still completely over the top OP throughout the entire game, and low level Sub Rogue twinks are a pain to deal with).

I have a question for you on that point: Were you leveling pre or post 4.0.1? Because I'll agree, hunters were indeed gods pre-patch. I could destroy just about everybody. Hence the reason I didn't level the hunter: It was too easy. Now however, I'm not complaining quite so much about the hunter being underpowered, even though it may sound that way, and looking back over my previous posts it actually did come across as that in some ways. I'm more complaining abuot the gross differences in the amount of possible damage vs. the amount of mitigation and health for most classes that exist below Cata level gear. Almost everything was tuned up to match the new Cata health pools and resilience changes, but that left the lower levels in complete disarray. I'm only using the hunter as my prime example because it's what I'm leveling currently. If I was leveling my Worgen, I would have used it as an example.

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Also: Fixed the title of the post just to sate the troll's lust <.<
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in low lvl BGs the # of hunters directly increase the chances of winning the game

wish i was joking but it's easy mode if there's 3-4 hunters farming mid

that said it doesn't have any reflection on how crappy the class is with proper pvp gear

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