Cata healing model, am I the only one....

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Ok, so most posts about whether people hate or love the new Cata healing model are based on whether people enjoy or hate the return of mana management. While I get that is what a lot of people care about, on both sides, that's not something I have an issue with either way, I'm fine with having to manage it, also fine with not having to manage it and manage GCDs instead.

Rather, the problem I have is how little heals improve as you level and how very, very small even the best heals are relative to player health at 85. This was not the case during vanilla WoW or BC, other times when mana mattered, but heals were much more powerful relative to player health compared to Cata. I just find the concept of "no matter how hard I try, even my best heals will just seem like a drop in the bucket" to be personally frustrating and un-fun. I am just curious if anyone else feels strongly about that part of the healing model, whether they love or hate it.
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To me healing can be hard throughout cataclysm but that also makes It fun. I do however, not intend to raid much in cataclysm as of doing it through Bc/wrath with little pvp on the side. With that said, I do enjoy raid healing when it was actually hard ( Sunwell) and look forward to it
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12/05/2010 10:34 PMPosted by Elinadis
With that said, I do enjoy raid healing when it was actually hard ( Sunwell)

Haha what?

Personally looking forward to the triage model where shaman's mastery may get a chance to shine.
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I too dislike the fact that healers feel like they are constantly nerfed as they level while the other roles continue to feel like they get stronger. I'm gonna give it a fair chance ( I have healed since Vanilla so I'm used to adapting) but if it just doesn't feel fun I will have no problems dropping it for an expansion.
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Blizzard bet the farm on 'triage' being the healing model we'd enjoy the most. The first healers to 85 are going to be guinea pigs while this is validated. I have my doubts it is going to be fun, so I am going to level a goblin and worgen before I go holy. I too dislike how they put no effort into shaping how this would feel while leveling.
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your pathetic math has failed you.....

Whatelse did you expect for cata? HP for wrath went up by about 3x. hps went up by about 10x. The only way to rebalance things is to have hps stay relatively constant and increase hp pools.

Did this math somehow escape you?

edit: yes it did. you seem to think that hps and hp pool stayed the same ratio from BC to wrath.
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66 Undead Priest
I agree that the transition is likely to not feel very smooth. Right now and on my lower level healers, I have no trouble filling health bars when want to, and not just low HP casters and whatnot, in fact I think the heals are too big compared to typical health bar size at my level, though it has been getting a little better now vs. at 60.

I prefer the way they are doing it now with mana conservation mattering and large health pool relative to the size of heals, but it can go too far that direction too. Hopefully they find the right balance.
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I'll probably find the transition rather challenging. I don't like with just *one* heal topping someone off, and never really have.
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I've been so very resentful of the new model up in somewhat recently. This change occured when I reach unbelievable heights of boredom with WoTLK(naturally, just doing it for so long). I am ready for something new.

I think like a lot of people I was having trouble getting over the fact that healing would "feel less powerful". Everything in these games is so linear that when you spells start hitting softer and are cast slower, that it can feel like a big step back. But when I consider the concept of healing and that maybe there can be something better than spamming your 1 best spell over and over, I welcome the change.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin

Playing whack a mole with healing is NOT is NOT fun that the deciding factor on whether your raid lives or dies is your latency and twitch reflexes...It is NOT fun watching a tank get 2-3 shotted by a boss' spike damage

It IS fun being able to plan heals
It IS fun having something to think about (mana) other than flash heal, flash heal, flash heal, PoM shield, renew, flash heal, crap...not on my priest
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I think we are all missing the big picture here. If fifty percent hate the new model, chances are that they will stop being healers. If you are a healer that loves the new model, then you can pat yourself on the back and call yourself a "good healer". But honestly, are we so into stroking our egos that we want the healing pool to be cut in half?

Sorry, but a model based on casual players despite its obvious odiously simple mechanics seemed to be working just fine (PUG raids and dungeons were fun and generally smooth). The return of frequent gy runs and healer bashing doesnt sound appealing to me.

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