The "Chromaggus needs a server merge" thread

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It would be nice if for dying servers like this they would offer to transfer all your toons that are like 60 or higher to another server if you would pay the 25$ to transfer one. so like a buy one get x amount free. That way they still make some money and they could consolidate their network so that they can do work on servers etc a lot quicker.
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03/26/2011 03:23 AMPosted by Unabombër
need more players like paschendale back on chromaggus, hes pro
u mad u switched servers to get carried and still have crap gear, lol?
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btw, you have serious substance abuse problems and need to get help.
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I would Love for my server to be merged with another or vice versa we on Tortheldrin are losing players because the allience is just soo small. Raiding is very hard because there is just noone to bring.
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85 Human Death Knight
plz merge us with another realm or 2 we are so dead
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06/04/2011 12:23 PMPosted by Thedkbeast
plz merge us with another realm or 2 we are so dead

Sadly Chromag is beyond even being called dead since there is honestly all of maybe 50 actual alliance players at all on the realm vs like 800ish (which is still pathetic) horde players. Welcome to the first true all horde PvE server
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Come to Burning Legion as we could use a few more good alli. I posted a topic on this the other day but Blizz deleted it, but made a new one with less harsh words about Activision. we have a few guilds that have tranfered from your realm to yours, plus more playes i probably haven't met yet, and they r happy here. here's our census stats:

Online Date: 2004-12-30
Total Characters: 4,007
Showing Guild:
All Total Alliance: 1,888 - 47%
Total Horde: 2,119 - 53%
A to H Ratio: 1 : 1.1
Activity Ratio: 1 : 1.3
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90 Draenei Shaman
I agree its just sad over here SW is As dead as it ever was, Never any crafters online, Ah is just a joke. Were always overlooked for any type of transfer, pretty soon everyone's just gonna pay to leave, wich wont help the server get any better.
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If you want something to really make you sad and mad all at the same time go to warcraftrealms (I think thats the website if not just google it and it'll pop up) and then look to see the pop of this horrible server. Also keep in mind that the 421 ( or something like that) of alliance is in all honesty off and if it is even close thats probably the 50 alliance players alts since the only way to get anything on the server is to make an alt to craft what you need. Last time I did a /who 10-85 in SW on a tuesday at around 8 server there was 19 people on........ yeah blizz needs to pull the plug already
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If they dont want to give us a server merge.. I'll make a thread about another option..
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55 Goblin Death Knight
We need more people, period!
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Blizz either doesn't care or enjoys making the $25 per character transfers. What other reason caould they have for ignoring server merge requests or transfers? The beatiful thing is that all the ignorant people spamming forums with crap like MORE SERVERS just so they can race for firsts get more attention and results than people stating a valid arguement.

Look at the proof people. How long has your server had population issues and how many servers US and EU opened during that time.

In short, don't expect a response and blizz can go screw themselves.

reposted, original
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I've been maintaining a "Dying Realm" thread, trying to get Blizz to issue some sort of statement or acknowledgement of how bad things have gotten. It's also been great for discussing various ways our situation(s) could be improved.

Please come on in and give us your 2 cents, and upvote the OP if you care, the first thread was Highly Rated and I imagine this one can be too.

OP of Thread #2 has a summary of Thread #1, to the best of my abilities (condensing 501 posts = harder than WoW even)
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12/21/2010 01:06 AMPosted by Droppinwrath
I wouldn't mind a merger with another low pop realm to get a little fresh blood pumpin, but definitely don't want alot more people. I kinda like the intimacy of lower pops so people get to know each other and being a big fish in a little pond :).

This^ I'm from a medium pop server and even then,we still barely get to know eachother. I mean,there is one big guild hordeside there,but it's one of those one's where barely anyone gives a flying fizzlebang about eachother due to the amount of people. <3 Tiny servers like this.
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90 Gnome Warrior
There is something attractive to the "everyone knows your name" feel of Chromaggus/alliance. That may change once the Raid-Finder comes online. Most of the people I know, I know from Tol Barad, Wintergrasp, and raiding. Come to that, the few Horde I know, I know from Tol Barad, Wintergrasp, and being ganked by. :)

Chromaggus/alliance, where prime time we have more than 50 level 85 characters online at once. ... but fewer than 75.
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Keep posting on general discussions forum!!
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