We are a team!

85 Troll Priest
25 raid man composition

1 holy paladin
1 holy priest
1 restoration druid
1 restoration shaman
1 discipline priest
2/3/4 tanks
18/17/16 dps

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85 Blood Elf Priest
I'm sorry- what was the question? =p
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85 Troll Priest
12/06/2010 12:38 PMPosted by Cassini
I'm sorry- what was the question? =p

ehm... D=

just a discussion about a raid composition with 1 of every healer d:, should be amazing and sparkly.

And we working together like a big epic team. =D
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14 Dwarf Hunter
i think he's saying that it would be beneficial to bring one of each healing class?

and aren't most 25's balanced around 3/6/16? (when they're new that is, as you outgear them, more DPS come into play)
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85 Goblin Priest
Add 1 more healer and 1 less tank and you are golden. I'd suggest another holy pally or holy priest.
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85 Dwarf Priest
Raid comp is usually 6 healers, with 5 healers if you need the extra dps, or you overgear the place.
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Yeah, it's typically 6 or 7 healers (depending on enrage timers and dps requirements) and 2 or 3 tanks. You can do 5 if you overgear the place or if it's a huge dps race and you're short on dps, but otherwise, 6 is generally the number to go for.

As mentioned above, if you're gonna double up on healers, Holy Paladins and Holy Priests are quite good (the worst to double up on is Disc priest, because of Weakened Soul).
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