Dual wield hit %

31 Draenei Hunter
For the classes that can dual wield, what is a good number to aim for on the normal attacks, as for specials that is desired to be enough to have a 0% miss chance.

Or is there increasing amounts of diminishing returns past once you get your specials hit capped?
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49 Human Warlock
I think it goes...

17% is Spell hit cap
14% is DW hit cap
9% is 2H hit cap and specials hit cap.

If you hover over your hit in character panel it tells you how much you need for Raids. They give you levels 85, 86, 87, and 88/Raid boss... and how much % left to cap for each, same for expertise.

Hit doesn't have DR, you just start capping white attacks after yellow until you reach the white hit cap which is usually too high to even bother.
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31 Draenei Hunter
I noticed that in the character screen, what I'm curious about is where is a good spot to aim for on the white attacks after capping the specials.
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85 Undead Rogue
Dual wield hit cap is 27%, specials/two hand weapons are 8%.

As for the proper hit cap, it varies. Rogues just need to hit the spell hit cap for poisons, though additional white hit provides some benefit (current theorycraft puts white hit as the worst secondary stat at the moment for assassination at 85, second to last ahead of mastery for subtlety, and as a middle of the road stat for combat). I'm not as familiar with enhancement or fury, but I seem to remember hearing that fury is going for the white hit cap now. While leveling, though, it really doesn't matter overly much.
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