Hello Eonar Horde Member's,

I am looking for hardcore or casual raiding guild for cataclysm. However I work nights Saturday through Wednesday till 5 a.m. So most guilds are out of the picture, since server time night raiding could only happen on Thursday and Friday. I could do any day after 5:30 am to 10:00 am or anytime afternoon till 8:30p.m. experience from all BC raids(on old account) and all Lich king raids but downing LK(11/12n-10/12hc 10 man- 6/12n 25 man achieved in pugs) and RS. Most downing of icc bosses where on my dk tank Dapper or pally tank iohl. Also willing to bring my dk to guild( atm alli scum =P but will be goblin soon).Have authenticator, will show core hound pup! Here are my current stats for both toons.

Dabear:Balance/Resto dual spec
Prof 450 JC 450 goblin eng
Sec 450 fishing 450 cooking

Dapper: Blood/Unholy dual spec
Prof 450 enchanter 450 gnome eng
Sec working on fishing and cooking

In the event I can not find a guild within my raiding times ill be looking for a guild just to get the guild perks(so you get free gold from things i kill 5/10%) =D.