First time Healing

85 Goblin Warrior
So I rolled a troll druid, and figured I was uber feral druid and could do it all. So I queued for everything, and got stuck as healer. After the impatient tank kept getting us killed and qq'd because i needed to rest after a couple of fights for mana I went and respected my awesome level 15 feral druid to a resto spec, and bought some more water. Sure enough I needed more water we died twice more. DPS grabbed more adds than I can count on two hands, but we finished.

I got the feeling if I had good gear I could heal better. So I jumped on my 80 spent 215 seals and got chest, shoulders, and staff. I did RFC while doing more dps than heals since my hot heals the tank. Then got a retard tank that continued to pull half the room in SFK. Not realizing we had a rogue with sap. Tank's continue to qq, and dps keep complaining it is taking to long.

So lasting question/conclusion are all low level pug's retarded? I been tanking at 80 for a year now on my DK and for longer on my warrior, or is this something healer's have to deal with? I know tanking it didn't matter because tank controls flow of dungeon. Bad healer means use more cool downs, low dps don't pull so much. If the dps is being retarded just forget I have taunt. As a healer I felt more like the redhead step child.

Last thought, healer's win BGs. No one near me dies and went to 4 straight wins last night. Not bad for my now 17 druid. Tanks don't make that kind of difference in PvP

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97 Orc Warlock
12/06/2010 2:10 PMPosted by Capndirk
So lasting question/conclusion are all low level pug's retarded?

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