<The Eh Team> gets naked for <Haven>

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Stories of The Eh Team's Hell Week circulated around trade chat and beyond before I even realized Haven was part of the action. To receive Haven's commendation, our recruiting officer, Kisara, had the pledges get naked and spell out Haven like a gold spammer in Stormwind's trade district. Here are the results:


I want to give props to Jcq and all of his team for running what has to be the most fun loving guild on Arygos. Thanks for allowing us the honor of being a part of the fun and tormenting your pledges a little!
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Thanks for the props Zbug, we were pretty confident yall would treat our pledges right. Clearly, as shown above, you didn't disappoint. Naked pledges contorting into odd shapes is exactly what we were hoping for when we made the request!

<Haven> was not the only guild included in our schenanigains =). The pledges also had to procure 'recommendations' from <Apex>, <Bane>, <Xanijh>. and <The Clucker Army> (for obvious reasons).

<Apex> required our pledge Aanders to fish up Old Crafty in Ironforge. As expected, our pledge struggled with the task (we may need to up our recruiting standards). After 8 hours of fishing (no joke), Govannon felt bad and passed along the recommendation. Unfortunately, we neglected to tell Aanders this and 4 hours of fishing later, Aanders has an additional 10 achievement points. Grats!

<The Clucker Army> 'Mother Hen' was confused by our pledge's request, thinking our pledge (who is already in our guild) was trying to scam her somehow. She refused but, luckily for our pledges, two other guildies were able to be bribed. The first one agreed for 100 gold, but soon ran into a challenge when he didn't know how to send in-game mail. Our second bribe was more successful when, despite being convinced he would be g-kicked for providing a recommendation, agrees to send one fore a mere 50 gold.

<Bane> was quick to provide their recommendation, when after 5 minutes of grilling our pledge in their vent, determined he was not server first material and was better off in our guild than theirs =).

Last but not least, <Xanijh> provided their recommendation after the smart pledge bad mouthed me to Marzen.

Thanks again for the props Zbug and we look forward to including y'all in our future antics.

Edited by Jcq on 12/6/2010 4:44 AM PST
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local eh team news reporter reporting in

*radio static* yessir, I believe we found 'nother one!
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