Priest still most versatile healer?

71 Troll Shaman
I've been playing wow for a while, and I've always been the healer. I've got an 80 priest, shaman, and Druid. I took a small hiatus and my friends are playing on a new server now, so I wanna transfer one of my 80s over. I was thinking about my priest as they have two healing specs, but it seems like other classes are gaining ground in what priests were always known for, having the biggest toolbox of spells. I looked up all the healing spells for each class for cata and they all have about the same number.

I know most people say pick the class you find the most fun, but it seems like each healing class is becoming more and more similar with everyone having a hot, instant heal, a slow, average, and fast heal, and a group heal. If I plan to spend all of my dungeon and raid time healing, am I still best off in playing a priest for the most options? I also like questing though, and quests have always been a pain as disc/holy when compared to having an ele/balance sham/Druid especially with the spirit to hit talents.
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You could always level disc/shadow or holy/shadow. Regardless, I think all of the healers are versatile, as you stated

12/06/2010 12:35 AMPosted by Thebigñasty
each healing class is becoming more and more similar with everyone having a hot, instant heal, a slow, average, and fast heal, and a group heal

So, as much as you probably don't wanna hear it, I really think it's just personal preference :)
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85 Human Priest
But priests are made of awesome!
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44 Night Elf Druid
The most versatile healer? Perhaps.
The most inefficient healer? Absolutely.
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I think priests are still the most versatile healers, but you'll do fine with any of them. Just play them all a bit and see which one you like the most after the changes!
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83 Tauren Priest
Yes, they are.
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71 Troll Shaman
Okay. Kind of what I figured I guess. I'll probably transfer my priest as I can see the benefit in being able to fill two different healing spots in a raid. I'm not a huge fan of increasing uniformity with healing classes, but whatever. I can see why they did it, I suppose, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
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80 Blood Elf Mage
Priest is most versatile healer because they can heal from the grave with Spirit of Redemption right after I get a nice Deep Freeze, Counterspell going.

No healer dies 2 ways right, priests are my food right now.
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