Sardonic of Argent Dawn is Recruiting!

90 Human Warlock
Sardonic is Recruiting!

If you are a new player or an old player looking for a fresh start, check out Sardonic at or contact a member in game.

After a long break we intend to make a fresh start for the Cataclysm Expansion. We intend to have guild teams to explore all the content World of Warcraft has to offer, including obtaining Achievements, PvE (raiding and instances) and PvP (Arenas and Battlegrounds).

Basic guild membership includes full equipment repairs. Future benefits are planned which may include dividend payments from guild earnings to active players.

Players of all levels, classes, and races are welcome. Come join Sardonic and enjoy all that World of Warcraft has to offer.

More about Sardonic:

Sardonic is an old guild. We've been around since classic, in many different forms. Primarily as group of raiding friends. We've raided all of the content since Molten Core.

Like a lot of guilds we've always struggled to have enough to raid consistently, or to even have enough to run some pre-made battlegrounds. Whether that was being short five for 40 man, short three for 25 man or short one for 10 man. Coming into Cataclysm we've decided to grow. The idea is to increase in size with the hopes of always having enough to be able to raid. Even if that means we are not ahead of the raiding curve, at least we'll be raiding. Having fun is the key, and being short people to group with is not fun.

Any interest in Sardonic can be directed to any member. Almost everybody can invite, and almost anybody is welcome to give us a try. Contact Qolnta or Guile if you have specific question.
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52 Blood Elf Rogue
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90 Human Warlock
When I chose my name, what seems so long ago, I was going more for:



1. Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit.
2. Obsolete: A trick or stratagem.

It seemed like a good name for a warlock on an RP server where, objections to seemingly acceptible names are sometimes raised. It didn't occur to me when I selected that name there would be associations with anything else, but there have been - from Street Fighter, to a type of diving suit, to Ghoulie.

So, you aren't the first one to make that association and surely won't be the last either. Rather than continually fight the association, I usually embrace it and sometimes even call out "SONIC BOOM," when I hit something exceptionally hard.
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100 Draenei Shaman

Hi Guile :D
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