How long did you try before giving up?

100 Blood Elf Priest

I knew it would be bad, I was there for wraths launch. I did not think it would be quite this bad though. I saw a hundred or so people slaughtering anything that moved in Vash'jir. As it is clearly better then Hyjal I cannot blame them. I gave her the old college go for a half hour or so then said to heck with it. When I wake up the inital feeding frenzy will have passed and I can get something done.

I made a boggle mage figureing maybe that would be good to. I was so wrong, so very very wrong. All of Kezan is covered in boggle cars. You cannot even see the ground. For those who made worgen was it wall to wall fur? I knew they would be huge so didn't bother.
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86 Night Elf Druid
I guess it may not be so bad to wait for the boxed version to arrive at my house. I was standing around the gryphon trainer around 12 and there was an insane amount of people.
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100 Blood Elf Priest

I don't know if gms can still do this but I remember when I first started way back when that you would occasionally see GM whoever kicks player in the behind propelling him across the zone while cackleing madlly! Now it has been a long long time sience I have seen it but would liked to have seen it tonight.
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80 Blood Elf Mage
I didnt bother with my mage, and once had the game installed.. I went and watched a dvd. After that I logged on, entered the worgen starting area and only saw a handful of other players. Good times.
I didn't check the goblin area, just because I don't like the zone all that much in comparison with the better storyline the worgen area gives me.
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In all honesty, I played until 1:00am and totally forgot about Cata going live! I returned from about 8 months out of game and brought my wife with me via refer a friend. I didn't think she'd like the game much but know she logs on faster than I do when we get home after work!

Its been nice to level a new character with new quests in redesigned zones with someone who has never played the game before. I actually feels like a new game; well, mostly; which I am sure was Blizzards intent for redoing the 1-60 content.

At this point in time I have no desire to even purchase Cata while I enjoy the experience of leveling a new character and the new RP possibilities. Besides, like the OP, I figured that there would be a flood gate of 80's hitting the new zones and an equally large floodgate of goblins and worgen running around. Hell, I logged in at 6:00 server time and there was already 20 or 30 people crowded around the flight trainer a full 6 hours before release... its not like they que up for the training!
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85 Dwarf Warrior
Well, I'd planned on getting to Gamestop 10 minutes before midnight, being able to cut through the line (because I was with a Gamestop employee), and getting my crap AT midnight and then getting home so I can install it and go to bed.

But we didn't even get there until 10 after midnight..and by then the line was mostly gone, but we still had to wait for like 10 minutes in a line. Then I get home later than I wanted, and installed the game.

I upgrade my Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Fishing, First Aid, pick up Archaeology, and head to Vashj'r.

Experienced a bug on the first quest where I couldn't turn it in, until I figured out you can swim to the surface, it would register as completed, then you could swim way back down and turn it in then. And yeah, I also experienced people being packed all over the area, and basically having to fight for mobs at spawning points, and the ground spawn items not being fast enough with this amount of people.

I ended up going through maybe 4 quests I think and then it was about 2am and I went to bed since I have to leave for school in about 20 minutes.
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90 Human Paladin
sounds like your experiences were still better than mine. my guild had about 8 people set up on a lan, anxiously awaiting the release, we all log in at 12:10, when they made the switch, and played the " have been disconnected" game. one of the guildies makes it online finally, and time warner's internet cuts out to our house, along with our phone. We were down for over 2 that time I had given up.

I wake up at 6:45, see a few of my friends playing, almost lvl 82, so i log in to at least see a new starting zone...I walk to the quest giver, bam, time warner drops our internet connection again. fml.
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haven't even purchased it yet. Tried to replicate last years glorious gamble of going to wally mart and getting the CE this morning, no luck, they hadn't even stocked shelves yet. And the people stocking didn't know what "world fo warcraft" was. Hooray for giant anonymous chain store.

So, after work today, going to go home, have my son's birthday dinner, play with him, then install the Downloadable version tonight, maybe be in my midnight. All in all, a full 24hr delay. Hopefully by that time things will have calmed down a bit, and I can take my time and enjoy it.

Can't decide who to level first though, Plains or the Rogue Baker of Kezan....
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I like to do instances, but I don't like to grind them as much anymore. I took to many personas though scarlet monestary at the 30 - 40 stage before the new quests came in. You know the oh please, for the love of god not stv again stage. I did Vash'jir. deepholm and Uldum on beta. Though I think people will be in for a huge awakening when they get to uldum and twilight highlands. Unless they really nerfed the mobs melees are gonna be two shot. Those of us with damage shields, ie PW:S and voidwalker bubble will just take them off our bars. They don't even take a full hit, or at least they didn't.
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
I did the whole login-fail login-fail cycle very leisurely, figured it'd be better to just try it periodically while watching my friend play DOTA. When I did get on, I rolled my eyes at the people crowding the flight trainer, got my training, and started the road to Vash'jir (because it sounded awesome!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic entry, and then got to questing at a very slow pace (as slow as the respawns on the drowning sailors and gear on the ground)... mostly just spent my time wowing at the scenery.

At about 1:30, the internet cut out, obviously because Comcast's maintenance guys took the night off to play WoW. I was tired and happy.

This morning, questing was muuuuch less crowded. I continued to enjoy myself, found out that the profession trainers are in a sensible place this expansion (HAT?!?!), and generally had a good time! Now I'm wasting a bit of time before going on a walk with a friend.

Brand new wowie-zowie stuff is exciting and fun, but there's no need to go berzerk about it. Also I just can't go forever without breaks. Which is a whole nother thing.

Short answer: It was crowded but I had fun. The energy of that many people mobbin around doin their own things.. I really like it. :D
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85 Gnome Death Knight
30 minutes. My Vashir introduction was bugged, so I had to go through the lore on that twice before I could proceed. TBH, best part about staying up last night was three things:

A. Inception on Blu Ray. Saved me a twitchy "waiting for wow" evening.
B. The flight trainer sucked, but watching the skies of stormwind get filled with heroes was pretty badassed.
C. Marveling at the realm firsts. Cooking was done about 3 minutes after I got back into the game. (Bout a 10 minute lag between Cata going live and then). That's just unbelievable. Then some guy got mining about twenty minutes later. Nice work, guys. I honestly can say my jaw dropped when I saw that.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Only about 30 minutes to get past the connecting/you have been disconnected issue.

I've been playing since 2005 and I think this was the smoothest rollout yet. Once in, lag wasn't an issue and even though it was packed I didn't have too much problem at all finding quest items (compared to previous expansions). Do you remember trying to complete quests in Hellfire *%**@ula that first 24 hours? Cutthroat! lol


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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I had about 10 minutes to wait after they asked us to relog with issues. Stayed on, did two instances with the guild and then logged off to get a few hours sleep.

Overall, I didn't really have any issues, and I didn't give up. :-P
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100 Worgen Death Knight
I got out of my local Gamestop at 12:03, since I was first in line. I live close to its location, I was home, installed and logged in by 12:30.

1) The sheer number of people standing on the flight trainer in Stormwind was mind-boggling. Truly. I *finally* managed to get my Flight Master's License, and ran off for the portal to Mt. Hyjal.

2) The sheer number of people questing in Mt. Hyjal was insane. AOE was about the only conceivable way to have a chance of tagging a quest mob, hoping to catch a respawn.

3) Hands down, the single most frustrating part of the whole experience last night was people sitting on top of questgivers on their flying mounts. Upon entering General and asking, politely, for people to be considerate and dismount when they were near a questgiver so everyone could enjoy the game, I was met with "lol u mad?"

I get that there are many people who were trying to get realm firsts. They weren't going to remotely hit 85 last night, and it's a miracle anyone got any realm firsts for professions. The first people getting realm first 85s were happening earlier this afternoon, while I was finishing things up in Hyjal with Jarod and Ysera.

But I was so immensely frustrated last night that I was actually speechless. I couldn't conceive that people could be so wantonly, unmitigatedly rude and selfish with something so simple as clicking once on their hotbar to dismount while they were talking to a questgiver that so many others needed as well.

I got quite a bit of questing done today, finishing the entirety of Mt. Hyjal and getting close to halfway through 82nd level. There are some amazing stories being told on Hyjal, though I have to say I'm now kind of tired of seeing the zone, and hope not to go back soon. I'm getting ready to head to the Maelstrom when I log in tomorrow night, after the inevitable login queues.

Our 'net went down last night about 1:30 in the morning, but it was almost a redundant point, as I was actually moving my mouse pointer to the button for logging out, being so frustrated with peoples' behavior. For a moment, for just a moment, it actually made me ashamed to be playing World of Warcraft.
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100 Human Rogue
First nights are absolutely horrible for questing of any sort. So, I just fished and did stuff in the revamped lower level areas.

Second night was still pretty bad, but at least playable for the most part.
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100 Night Elf Priest
I spent the first night leveling to 81, then realized Tuesday afternoon that I couldn't be bothered to log in because I was so sick of WoW.

Wednesday, I managed to choke out another level, but it was kinda painful.

Last night, I logged in on my warrior to tank BRC for a friend. Not bad, but still not feeling it.

The game is fantastic, Blizzard has done an amazing job re-working everything. It just came at the exact time I needed a break from WoW. Sooooo, L4D2 and TF2 are my things now. With a side-dose of silly games like Chime and Poker Night at the Inventory.
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